Yukon Moose Hunt Preparation Progress
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TREESTANDWOLF's embedded Photo
TREESTANDWOLF's embedded Photo
Reality really kicked into high gear yesterday. Flights are booked, (3) Hotels are booked (2) Car rental is booked (1), Licenses are purchased (2 - fishing and hunting). Holy logistics! Gear list is getting fine tuned (85lbs) along with the new bow set up. I'm fortunate to have a few hunts to work through the new rig and get settled. * Bought a hat yesterday and it came with a bow.

Now onto get an Iridium phone or InReach.

I am booked with Cesar Lake Outfitters in the Yukon and it has been an absolute pleasure working with Joel thus far. I was originally booked the first year of the pandemic... and here we are.

I have the option to add a Grizz tag. This is something to consider and discuss because I may not have this type of opportunity again really, provided I take a moose early in the hunt.

I know a few guys here have been up there and any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I am beyond excited!

Of course I'm going to document the entire experience. :)

From: Nick Muche
Get an Inreach, small battery bank and link it to your phone. Leave phone on airplane mode.

Get a grizzly permit, and if an opportunity arises either before or after you’ve got a moose, take advantage of it.

Good luck on your hunt, should be fun!

From: Rocky D
I will be watching and good luck!

From: Inshart
Good luck Rich, this should be another good one to follow.

From: maxracx
You will be living my dream hunt. Best of luck, can't wait to read all about it.

From: Bou'bound
I’m jealous. Really jealous.

From: APauls
Congrats and good luck. That's the dream hunt right there. It is on my bucket list

From: greg simon
Don't forget to pack some fishing gear. Fishing in those Yukon lakes is really fun and can provide some tasty camp food! Above all enjoy the moment. The Yukon is more than a hunt!!!

Well, you’ve got the right bow so you’re on your way.

Good luck!

From: hdaman
A trip I'll never make, so make the best of it! Shoot straight!

From: Ursman
Three bow hunters took three record book bulls with Caesar Lake. It was a great adventure with great guides. Good luck.

From: t-roy
Is this your first moose hunt, Rich?

From: Oryx35
Following! That's a bucket list hunt for most.

From: TurboT
Good luck. Adding species is way more economical than going up for each individual species. Is this a base camp or horse aided? I would take the best rain gear you have and a good pair of camp shoes that are waterproof. Really nice at the end of the day or middle of the night pee.

Thx Nick, those are good tips! I'm going to speak with Joel about the Grizz Permit this weekend. Fishing rod and some small tackle will be a must Greg ! Thx Charlie, I agree. Ursman, I didn't realize 3 record book bulls, I thought it was two. One of the reasons I decided on Cesar was he only takes a limited number of bowhunters. TurboT. This is a river/lake hunt with a base camp. Agree on the rain gear, definitely. Good tip on the camp shoes also, thank you . T-Roy, yes it is :)

Thanks for the tips guys, keep them coming, it will be here before I know it.

Right now, I'm using a "ball against the wall" to build up the "hold" muscles. Basically rolling a volleyball against the wall. 15 reps up, 15 down, 15 side to side, 15 left circle, 15 right.

Lord knows I may be a full draw for a bit if he opportunity presents itself.

That is Crazy kool man!

Enjoy and be safe,


From: t-roy

t-roy's embedded Photo
t-roy's embedded Photo
You’re going to have a ball, Rich! Moose is probably my favorite animal to hunt (not that I’ve done it a ton) Their sheer size is incredible, especially when you walk up to one on the ground. I hoe you get to notch all your tags and end up having to fish the rest of the trip ;-)

The only other thing I can think to add is, take tons of pics of the hunt……I’ll definitely be following along. Good luck, Rich!

From: bowonly
Buying the grizzly tag was kind of a no-brainer for me. It's their most expense license, but its only $25 CAN!!! Man, you are going to be hunting the Yukon. If you have the tag at least you can say you bow hunted grizz in the Yukon, even if you don't even see one! Hell, I tried to get my outfitter to buy me a Stone sheep tag for the whopping fee of $10. He laughed at me because he said I would be miles away from any sheep during my moose hunt. I said I didn't care, since it would be the closest I would ever come to bow hunting Stone sheep in the Yukon. He still didn't get me the tag. Enjoy your hunt.

Thx again all.

bowownly - point taken, very true …. Just added the Grizz Tag. >>>———>


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