North Korea And Covid
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DanaC 17-May-22

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North Korea’s COVID-19 Nightmare Has Arrived: Pyongyang, North Korea, is now under lockdown. The North spent more than two years essentially self-contained, sealing its borders and issuing its forces shoot-to-kill orders. Now the government admits that COVID-19 has successfully invaded. The country faces a “severe national emergency,” warned Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

From: gflight
Most of their over 60 crowd probably starved long ago.

If they didn't they're not as bad off as the West because they're healthier.

They're draconian measures will be worse than the virus.

From: Old Bow
I hope they have enough Rice because there will be close to zero from California if they needed any

From: No Mercy
and if you believe ANY of the "news" coming out of North Korea, I have a some prime hunting land for sale in the middle of Death Valley.....

From: goyt
We are so fortunate to have not been born there! Sad!!

soooo lockdowns apparently cant prevent the inevitable....

From: DanaC
"soooo lockdowns apparently cant prevent the inevitable.... "

Not when you have self-centered asshats who thinks the rules don't apply to *them*, no.

From: DanaC
And the estimate is now 1.5 million cases. Fearless Leader is now deploying the military to 'help'. Classic case of 'when all you have is a hammer...'

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