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How to stop poaching....
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welka 14-May-22
DanaC 14-May-22
RK 14-May-22
Overland 14-May-22
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Bou'bound 15-May-22
wyobullshooter 15-May-22
From: welka
Good thread active on poaching. But thought I would try a different one about ideas on "what's harsh enough, no doubt they stop forever, and deters others from even thinking about it?" A 1 yr no hunt or puny $10-50K fine is nothing. I have my own ideas, but want to hear yours! End poaching!

From: DanaC
Public flogging

From: RK
Cant stop it. There will always be those that want to kill the kings deer

From: Overland
Poaching is stealing, right? There used to be a very effective punishment for stealing. However, poaching for antlers and poaching for food are two very different crimes in my opinion. The guy who spotlights a 180" whitetail at night and the guy who shoots a doe in his backyard because he can't otherwise provide for his family certainly deserve different punishments. One is pure greed. One is survival.

If inflation keeps going poaching may very well get popular. Not for horns.

From: Cornpone
I think Overland hit it. There are degrees of poaching just as there are degrees of murder.

And poaching has many forms. If a bowhunter, or scoped crossbow hunter, takes a shot 5 minutes after, or before, legal shooting time, that is poaching. I think this is fairly common, has anyone else heard of others doing such a thing?

From: Bearman
By definition, a "poacher" is someone who shoot animals illegally. Under that definition, myself and 99.9% are/were poachers. Think about it! Think about EVERY SINGLE thing you've shot and say every thing was totally legal. Heck, I shot a muskrat years ago, wasn't "by law" sposed too. Never had a watch when I was a kid. Did I ever shoot a deer a minute late?, don't know but odds are, yep. Shot a woodpeckers that was pecking holes in my siding. Poaching, yep. Shot a coon outta season that was destroying my birdfeeders, poahing, yep.. Sped once in a 55mph zone. Was doing 56.

From: JohnMC
Have you seen the punishment for any crime these days? Most of the time they are a joke. It seems a lot of time poachers get it worse than someone that steals your truck.

From: Bou'bound
hell if we can't figure out how to stop people from killing dozens of humans in a grocery store not sure what the solution for poaching would be or how much prioritization it will get in the grand scheme of things

^^^^ That. It’s simply stunning how fast our country/ the world is going down the crapper.

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