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Antler king products vs feed store
Whitetail Deer
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c5ken 14-May-22
Dale06 14-May-22
Pat Lefemine 14-May-22
c5ken 14-May-22
Bearman 14-May-22
Shawn 15-May-22
Longbow42 15-May-22
GFL 15-May-22
drycreek 15-May-22
Habitat 16-May-22
From: c5ken
My clover food plot needs to be killed and replanted. My plan is to disk it under. Once the new weeds start to grow hit it with round-up.. I want to replant with Ladino clover, chicory and rape. I have always purchased my seed products from the local feed store. In your opinion is there a big difference in quality of seed from places like antler king vs local feed store ( other. Than price)

From: Dale06
Ken, my opinion is that the clover seed at a reputable seed dealer is as good as the clover seed with 200” bucks on the bag. Marketing is what drives up the price of the “food plot” seeds.

I agree with Dale, but I am cheap.

From: Pat Lefemine
By law every bag of seed is required to list what’s in them, when they were tested, and other information.

Whenever I pick up a bag I always read the tag.

You can easily mix your own from fresh seed distributors and tweak the ratios for better performance.

For example, most ‘throw and grow’ nonsense contain ryegrass, brassicas and some cheap annual clover. I laugh when I see ryegrass as it’s clearly the profit maker in the bag and anyone that plants grass in a food plot is obviously inexperienced.

By replacing ryegrass with winter rye or oats it will be a far superior result.

Some blends are perfectly fine and not worth the extra few bucks you save. So deer head bag seeds have their place. By no means is there any secret formula with any of them.

From: c5ken
Appreciate your opinions. Back to the local feed store for me

From: Bearman
Yep to Pat's answer. I don't see the reason to plant clover with rape though?

From: Shawn
That winter rye is the ticket, plant it late like mid sept it will draw deer until mid winter or longer. I would plant the center of my field with rye and ten foot buffer all around of clover. Shawn

From: Longbow42
Most seeds come from the same place, with much coming originally from Oregon. Look at the ingredients on the big buck brands as mentioned. Much is coating. Often when you buy a 10# bag of clover, you are only getting 3-4#.

From: GFL

GFL's embedded Photo
GFL's embedded Photo
I’ll plant winter rye grain with crimson red. Both are an annual. The perennial clovers I’ll plant wheat with it.

From: drycreek
For me, it depends on the size of the plot. For smallish plots I don’t think you can go wrong with Whitetail Institute clover. I’ve never failed to have a good stand, and the deer love it. If I were planting a large plot, say a couple acres or larger, I’d probably put together my own blend. I do often plant medium red clover from the feed store with my wheat in the fall.

From: Habitat
Be sure with that mix you don't spray herbicide

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