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Dayone bib?
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craigmcalvey 18-May-22
elkster 18-May-22
Stealth2 18-May-22
Knifeman 18-May-22
Bowfreak 18-May-22
Ironbow 18-May-22
Dino 18-May-22
craigmcalvey 19-May-22
From: craigmcalvey
Anybody have a review? Thinking of getting a pair in the cowboy suede with the insulation and windstop. How would this compare to a sanctuary or fanatic bib? I prefer the ASAT camo….


From: elkster
The gear from Day One is well made. I have the pants, tops and hat, some of it in cowboy suede, but don't have the sanctuary to compare.

From: Stealth2
All my ASAT camo is from Day One. My parkas are fleece and pants cowboy seude. I love the quality of their clothing. Been using it since 1995

From: Knifeman
I have a set except mine are fleece. They are ok, but not as taylored fit and functional as my Fanatic bibs. No where near the features, but they were cheaper. Way bulkier too. Well made stuff, but mine never get used since I purchased the Sitka.

From: Bowfreak
Great bibs. Bulkier than Sitka. My Day One bibs didn't have wind stop so probably a push on warmth compared to the Stratus set even though the Stratus is much lighter. Day One is cheaper but it's not a huge savings.....maybe $40 over Status bib. Buying new now I wouldn't consider Day One bibs over Sitka or FL.

From: Ironbow
I got bibs and a parka last fall from Gary before he sold the business. I have used Day One stuff for nearly 30 years but never had insulated garments. Getting older I decided to get insulated bibs and parka instead of just layering under my fleece ones. I have done well layering with the bibs, but I would get a bit cold on the windiest days in my uninsulated parka even though they had the Windstop.

So I got insulated and windstop in the Cowboy Suede, Predator Gray. All I can say is I wish I had done it years ago! The Cowboy Suede is fantastic. Dead quiet, and does not pick up burrs! I thought very seriously about the Sitka Fanatic series, but I didn't like the fact it would pick up burrs, wasn't crazy about the pattern, and really didn't like the cost! The Day One was a much better deal, and I don't see how the Sitka could be warmer. Seriously. And I don't know about the Stratus, but I don't think the Day One is any bulkier or maybe just slightly than the Fanatic series. I tried the Fanatic on several times trying to make my decision, and in the end couldn't be happier with my Day One stuff. Great pocket placement, very warm, as quiet as any insulated/windstop garment on the market, and no burrs!

From: Dino
How’s the clothing quality been since Gary sold?

From: craigmcalvey
Dino x 2…any recent buyers?

I got the Cowboy Suede parka with wind stop in December, Window camo. Wore in very cold windy conditions. I love it. Very quiet. Bibs are on the way in the week or two. IMO, this is the best I could find for tree stand bowhunting. As noted the pockets and hood and so forth are very well thought out. I have the other brands mentioned and do not like those as well for various reasons.

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