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WY Unit 37
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From: Tracker
I was lucky to draw a WY Unit 37 elk tag for this coming fall. I have hunted 38 before but not 37. Any help on good locations to camp, cell service coverage and best area of the unit to look at would be appreciated. Also would it be advantageous to bring an ATV.

From: Norseman
From what I remember it was a Tough unit when they all booger to the wilderness.

Night and day to 38. Tough unit, wouldn’t think so since it borders 38, but entire different world. Hopefully you can talk with someone thats been in that unit recently for intel. How many points did you have and what draw did you put in?

You must have drawn a type 9 tag. We hunted there in 2020 during the general season (after September 15) and never saw or heard an elk. Lots of hunters though. We put on about 55 miles in 5 days walking. I wish you the best. Let me know if you want to know the areas we didn’t find elk.

I live in 37 but haven't hunted it in 20+ yrs. I will tell you it will probably be feast or famine, more on the famine side. The silver lining is that if there is a Sept storm many elk will go through on their way to the private land on the east side, completely off the mtn. Permission down there is virtually impossible, so you may be stuck with about 2 days of a lot of elk then "poof" they are gone. There are some elk there but it may be a looong pack out. Look on the bright side, you will be elk hunting! I hope you didn't get a deer license as that situation is even worse......Mike

From: Tracker
Im a little familiar with the push thru the unit to the private. When I hunted 38 we glassed those open areas to the east and saw lots of elk with some really nice bulls. I think we had around 5 points average between me and a buddy. We went special knowing it would be doubtful in the regular. I kind of knew it was going to be a tuff hunt but anything is better than OTC in CO. I do know an outfitter in the area that will arrange a pack out.

From: Firsty
I would try and hunt the first 5 days of the season after that the elk will be on private

From: Lucky 31
Drew the elusive unit 31 tag this year! Any info from others who've bow hunted this unit would be very appreciated! Luck 31

From: Tracker
We plan on hunting from the start for about 10 days. Elk moving onto the private seems to be a common theme when I hear about the Unit. If weather comes what drainage will the elk move thru. Wolf Creek?

From: Tracker
Just wanted to thanks everyone for the PMs on the area. Looking forward to SEP

From: Rickm
Be there opening day and be pre scouted. Some years OK some years not.

Good luck.

PM for info. I live there

From: Tracker

From: Tracker
Anyone else have any ion to pass on for this unit. Honey holes with coordinates that include wallows accepted lol

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