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Colorado sheep and mountain goat
Wild Sheep
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From: CO Oak

CO Oak's embedded Photo
Colorado ram I photographed while scouting for sheep.
CO Oak's embedded Photo
Colorado ram I photographed while scouting for sheep.

CO Oak's Link
There are only about 2 weeks left to purchase raffle tickets for the Colorado statewide bighorn sheep, mountain goat, and pronghorn raffle licenses. Licenses allow you to hunt any open unit from the beginning of the season until December 31 (the pronghorn begins Aug. 15 statewide). The winners do not have to pay for the licenses, and are not subject to wait periods. For more information and to purchase tickets, click the link above.

I’ll take a sheep Like that! Great picture

I flew out of Fort St. John, BC today and they have a full mount of an unbroomed 10 year old in the airport. They’re impressive animals and he’s an amazing specimen.

From: LWood
Thanks for the reminder!!

From: CO Oak
Sales close at 8 PM MDT today.

From: SBH
Incredible rams taken. Wow

From: Sandbrew
There's at least one Bowsite member that won the raffle a couple years ago and killed a nice ram with his bow. Sandbrew

Figured my odds were about as good as putting in for the draw, so I bought a few. Thanks!

From: sticksender
ahhh the memories John!

From: KHunter

KHunter's Link
Today 8 pm MST is the deadline to buy your raffle tickets online for the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat and Pronghorn statewide governor's tag. Get your tickets into the hopper and win!

Drawing will be this Saturday, at about 8 pm, June 11th, after the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society Rendezvous Live Auction.

Do your part to support putting more sheep on the mountain and also have a chance to win the opportunity to chase sheep, goats, or pronghorn in open units statewide through December 31st using any legal weapon of choice.

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