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Mule Deer
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From: BG
I was fortunate enough to draw an early archery mule deer tag for 111, 112 & 113. I'm a non resident from TN who has never hunted NV. This will be my 4th mule deer hunt. Made 2 archery trips to New Mexico in very marginal areas to get some experience. I killed my 1st muley last year in CO with my MZ. I have some questions for some of you guys who have some experience in NV.

1. The tag is good from August 10th - September 9th. My schedule is pretty flexible. I will be hunting solo in the wilderness areas in Unit 111. I've never had a chance to hunt that early. Should I plan to hunt the 1st couple of weeks of the season, or does the hunting pressure get lower as the season progresses?

2. On the Nevada web-site, they mention the publication that shows the location of the wildlife guzzlers. Is that info needed for an early mule deer hunt? My thoughts are that it wouldn't be that helpful in the high country. Needed or not?

3. There appear to be some decent sized creeks in wilderness. From what I've read, I know it's been pretty dry even for NV standards, could I expect to find my drinking water in the larger creeks during August and September?

I live 26 hours away (long solo drive) so I'll be doing all my scouting on-line and on the phone. I did some research prior to applying and have some several areas of interest that I've marked in Google Earth. I'm hoping to get my Forest Service maps in the mail in the next couple of days to better identify all of the possible access points. If anyone has any general information about the area that might help with my scouting, I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


I would go early. Easier to locate bucks in velvet. Once they start to strip they disappear.

I have never hunted Nevada but I’m sure normal tactics apply. Glass at first light, watch the buck bed, wait for the wind to be right, stalk in (usually from above) wait for the buck to stand, then kill it!

From: sleepingbear
1. They will be grouped up at time of the year, and generally at or near the tops where the best forage is. 2. Natural water is usually the best option, some guzzlers may not have water unless the monsoon"s come in this summer. 3.Most will have water, but i would recommend filtering it. 4. What wildwilderness said.

From: tkjwonta
I would slightly disagree with the suggestion to go early. Of my several NV mule deer hunts, pressure was always highest around the opener and/or opening weekend. So although I probably wouldn't wait for the very end of the season, avoiding the opener might be wise to reduce competition in the field.

From: Beendare
I used to hunt Nevada mulies every year. It’s no different than any other hunting season,Yes pressure will be the worst on the opener. You typically have the place to yourself by the middle of the second week.

Hunt early, hunt deep. Your set to have a good hunt if you do.

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