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Shooting deer from a boat.
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Fetrokes 25-May-22
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HDE 25-May-22
JohnMC 25-May-22
Pop-r 25-May-22
Aspen Ghost 25-May-22
Aspen Ghost 25-May-22
Fuzzy 26-May-22
APauls 26-May-22
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No Mercy 26-May-22
relliK reeD 26-May-22
Inshart 27-May-22
From: Fetrokes
Without looking up the law on the books, what do you think the law says about shooting deer from a boat? A guy I know just got fined for it and I thought was he did was completely legal. I've never attempted to or planned to do it so I never looked into it myself.

From: Beendare
I know of areas where it’s legal but you need to check your regulations

From: HDE
The law reads what it does for each state, province, and territory you're hunting in. Without looking it up, you cannot shoot a deer from a boat in NM while underway (means not at anchor).

From: JohnMC
If he just got fined what state has a open season for deer in late May?

From: Pop-r
Most states are legal as long as the momentum of the boat has ceased from any artificial power. That's not the exact wording but the meaning is the same.

From: Aspen Ghost
Was the fine for shooting from a Motorized vehicle?

From: Aspen Ghost
Arizona Regs: 17-301. Times when wildlife may be taken; exceptions; methods of taking B. A person shall not take wildlife, except aquatic wildlife, or discharge a firearm or shoot any other device from a motor vehicle, including an automobile, aircraft, train or powerboat, or from a sailboat, boat under sail, or a floating object towed by powerboat or sailboat except as expressly permitted by the commission. No person may knowingly discharge any firearm or shoot any other device upon, from, across or into a road or railway.

From: Fuzzy
State-by-State, illegal in Virginia

From: APauls
Here in Manitoba it is legal to take game from a boat but all forward momentum from the motor has to have ceased. I think you may even half to take your motor out of the water first. Or maybe guys just do that to be safe. Can't remember.

From: Norseman
Can’t hunt ducks in AZ from a duck boat?

From: No Mercy
Illegal in ND. It is legal for waterfowl if it is anchored or tied.

From: relliK reeD
Legal in Maine as long as the motor is off and headway speed is a natural drift. Hunted for years this way in certain area,s of the state that were very difficult to get to. Had a lot of success hunting this way.

From: Inshart
About 30 years ago duck hunting in northern MN (Nothwest Angle) - as I pulled up to the dock in my canoe (4 hp motor), warden approached me - said my shotgun needed to be fully encased and empty while under power.

My shotgun was unloaded with the action open laying on it's case. He gave me a warning.

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