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Tight Spot ShiftLock quiver
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stringgunner 25-May-22
Bou'bound 25-May-22
JTreeman 25-May-22
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Kurt 28-May-22
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JohnMC 28-May-22
APauls 28-May-22
From: stringgunner
Anyone have one yet? Reviews? Curious what the length is when fully extended from the hood to bottom arrow gripper? Specs say over all length is 22” trying to figure if this quiver is worth the extra $50 over a standard 5 arrow tight spot?

From: Bou'bound
Standard is great enough for me

From: JTreeman
I like the simplicity, basic durability, and effectiveness of the original. That contraption looks over engineered and unnecessary to me. I understand they need to produce new products to sell more stuff, but just because it’s a new mousetrap certainly doesn’t make it better. I’ll stick with the original.


From: stringgunner
I hated my original. The thing rattled like no other, the aluminum to aluminum clamp bore a hole, had to put foam in the hood to get it quieter. Emailed and spoke to tight spot several times and they wouldn’t do anything. I chucked it recently. The problem I’m now having is these are supposed to be too shelf. I purchased the shorter one for my son last year and it works for him. Just debating on what to purchase now. Frustrated in the lack of warranty when even my bow shop said it was likely a defective one. Don’t want to spend another $150 for something where performance wise it’s no better than an old quickie quiver. Hoping maybe the newer ones were less problematic.

From: Shaft2Long
Sorry to hear that. I’ve the opposite experience with them. I emailed and asked if they’d make a 3 arrow with the longer rods from the five arrow. They did it no problem.

I also recently had one of the original 5 arrows I bought right after they first came out repaired at no charge.

Hopefully your issues were just a bad employee at the time.

From: Kurt
Great results with my first 5 arrow purchased in 2012. Been on numerous backcountry adventures every year. Quiet, sits close to bow, can remove instantly for travel and tree stands, etc. Polite and quick on one phone call to them. And I did buy another for the backup bow.

From: stringgunner
Good to know Kurt. The short one I purchased for my son last year is great. I’m really thinking I got a dud. Likely will just purchase another 5 arrow.

From: Sivart
not sure how you could complain about their customer service. I ran over my TS w/ the truck, and they sent me a replacement. I felt bad, so I left cash in the box when I sent the old one back.

From: JohnMC
I had good luck with their customer service as well. There was a probably with the piece you tighten/loose to take off and on the bow. I called them and they said they would replace and to send my old one back first. I said it is in the middle of hunting season and I need a quiver. They said ok we will send you a new one and then send old one back. It has been a good product and they were more than fair with warranty issue.

From: APauls
I’ve had one for eons still going strong. Had a buddy leave his bow on his truck and it fell off on the highway mainly saved his bow but tight spot sent him new quiver. They’ve been great everything I’ve ever heard.

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