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Drop Tine 30-May-22
drycreek 30-May-22
Habitat 02-Jun-22
Pat Lefemine 03-Jun-22
From: Drop Tine

Drop Tine's DeerBuilder embedded Photo
Drop Tine's DeerBuilder embedded Photo

Does anyone use a hand held weed wick with success rather than broadcast spraying weeds in their food plots? I would like to make one but in my search for video on making one I’m drawing a blank.


From: drycreek
I have a factory made one that looks kinda like a hockey stick. It has holes in the bottom part and is covered by a canvas looking material. Use half and half water/gly and it will get the job done. Google weed wiper.

From: Habitat
I also have one that I mount to front bucket so I can raise or lower to the height needed.You can buy the materials online to build one or buy them

From: Pat Lefemine
I tried making one but it wasn’t effective.

If the weeds are that tall where you need to wipe them most herbicide is not gonna be effective anyway.

Better off mowing - if it’s a crop that can be mowed.

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