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Saskatchewan Bear Hunt
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Mike Ukrainetz 31-May-22
From: CFMuley
I just had a last minute opportunity come up to hunt bears in Saskatchewan this next week. I’ve hunted bears spot and stalk in Montana for the last 7 years, but I’ve never hunted them in Canada or over bait. Other than the basics of my bow, clothes, boots, binos, etc. What have you guys taken with you that made your experience more enjoyable. It seems like it’s pretty straight forward, I just don’t want to forget anything that I might want to have. I guess I should add that I already bought a thermocell.

From: Screwball

From: molsonarcher
Buy another thermacell. You will be glad to have 2. A comfy seat cushion is very helpful as most bear outfitters use metal ladder stands and often times dont have cushions on them.

From: Bearman
Well damn, I was gonna say a thermacel also.

From: Plum lake
Good set of rain gear. Some of the best hunting can be just after the rain stops. And you want to stay dry for the long sits.

Thermacell, but if your flying you will need to buy the butane inCanada. You can not fly with it.

From: SBH
Check with your outfitter, they had a bunch of butane for guys to use with their thermacells when I went. Bring a good book for the morning/day as you are usually not hunting. Good time to slow down and relax. Enjoy your hunt.

From: maxracx
On my hunts to Canada, I have always taken a bug suit. Or like mentioned above a Thermacell will work as well.

From: RonP
sounds like you got it covered. i don't have anything to add, other than to enjoy and hope you kill one.

ive hunted bear over bait a few times and its fun as heck when there are multiple bear around before dark. you'll know you're alive!

From: Dino
Bring good rubber boots.

From: CFMuley
I was curious about the rubber boots. I’ve seen pictures the outfitter has posted where he’s wearing them. I have a pair I’ve only worn once while hunt Osceolas in Florida, but I wondered if they’d be better than my normal hunting/hiking boots.

From: wilbur
Tree stand umbrella is useful. Killed some nice critters sitting in the rain.

From: Bowboy
Yep those rubber boots will keep the scent down

From: Boreal
2 Thermacells, Hunt Comfort Fatboy seat pad, treestand umbrella, bow/tree hooks, rain gear.

Us Canadians here in Alberta all wear knee high muck boots, Wetland model, they are great for tracking a bear through swamps and easy to take on and off since Canadians don’t want you in their house with your shoes on! Lace up hiking boots and gaiters are great for the mountains, crappy for a Canadian bear hunt. And when we want to stay totally dry we wear the light rubber, Helly Hansen rain gear, bibs and jacket especially for long, muddy quad rides in the rain. As a hunter coming up just for a week you can get away with the breathable, Kuiu or Sitka though. If you like to help out with baiting chores bringing a pair of leather work gloves. Otherwise just bring a good attitude and have fun!

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