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Anyone compare the 18x Vortex UHDs?
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Beendare 31-May-22
PGA Pro 02-Jun-22
SaddleReaper 02-Jun-22
From: Beendare
Has anyone compared the vortex 18x UHD binos to the other 15 X Bino‘s on the market?

Ive compared my Meopta 15x to the 15x Kaibabs side by side and even the Kaibab owner thought the Meoptas were a clear winner.

The Meoptas next to the Swaros was too tight to call.

I’m wondering about the new UHDs made in Japan vs the usual China versions. …plus whether that extra 3x is significant.

From: PGA Pro
I had a friend that had them and they were nice. Didn’t get to compare anything against them. I don’t have the money to drop on those so I went with the Tract 15x56. As you know, a good tripod is everything, but I really like these Tracts

From: SaddleReaper
You might find some info on this subject over on rokslide...

I own a pair of MeoStar 15s and they're fantastic. I've also wondered how Mavens B.5s with their Abbe Koenig prisms would compare in 15 or 18x. I do a ton of velvet glassing and most often right up till dark. Wish I knew someone who had some to compare side by side.

One option you may not be aware of is rental. There are some outlets offering optic rentals... if you're willing to pay $150-200 just to do a comparison test!

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