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Colorado Private Land 9 Points
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From: JasonInIowa
So I am stuck in no mans land with 9 points..... Anyone have any suggestions on a great private land outfit for next season. I have been on multiple Elk hunts and have never sealed the deal and this is my bucket list animal. I do not care if the unit would only take 3 points I am looking for somewhere that there is actually elk and not just people.

I am definitely wanting to use an outfitter/guide to fulfill this dream.(Due to genetic health issues) Any advice or points in the right direction would be appreciated.

Size of the bull really does not matter.

Thanks, Jason

From: Rock
Check with Forest here on Bowsite he runs a great Outfit

From: KHNC
I dont think Forrest does private land elk hunts. And you better be in shape to hunt the flat tops.

From: JohnMC
Just a thought go somewhere on a landowner tag or private in a OTC unit, also don't limit your search to CO if you would consider this. Save your points burn them another year in a good unit. Nothing wrong with burning your point on a private land hunt but the advantage of have lots of point is you should be able to find a good public hunt with them. If your willing to pay a outfitter you can probably get two hunts for not a lot more money. One with the outfitter and saving your point and one using your points and info you learned with a guide.

From: LINK
Sounds like you could meet those standards on a guided otc hunt and keep your points for a diy hunt the following year.

From: tradi-doerr

From: grasshopper
Unit 40

From: iceman
Not enough to draw 40 though.

Re-read Rock’s post above.

From: T-rex
What he said ^^^

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