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Black Bear or Grizzly?
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Bigfoot 06-Jun-22
SBH 06-Jun-22
MQQSE 06-Jun-22
Huntcell 06-Jun-22
Kurt 06-Jun-22
RonP 06-Jun-22
Kodiak 06-Jun-22
[email protected] 07-Jun-22
PaulCLewis 07-Jun-22
TD 07-Jun-22
Kurt 07-Jun-22
LBshooter 07-Jun-22
From: Bigfoot

Bigfoot's embedded Photo
Bigfoot's embedded Photo
Out on the weekend and came across a fairly fresh pile of scat that I decided to take a photo of. I have been in this spot a few times this spring, a small meadow with fresh green growth, and found bear scat plus tracks in a nearby small creek. Everything I found indicated a sow with cub(s) plus a couple of other larger bears. All appeared to be Black bear based on the size and the few clear tracks along the creek. A week ago all the sign was looking old and I surmised that the bears had moved on to find better feed elsewhere. Then, this weekend, walking through the same spot, I found more fresh piles (looked to be over a few days), but larger than previous. This pile was the freshest. Not sure if this is Grizzly or Black bear? Maybe there is no way to tell, but someone here might have an idea?

Southern Alberta - no baiting allowed and there are both species of bears. And, for reference, my feet are size 14, so they do tend to make things look small.

From: SBH
That looks like Grizzly to me.

Sorry! I meant to clean that up…

From: Huntcell
Hmmm no bells or red color from bear spray , must be black bear.

From: Kurt
I’d guess black bear but have been wrong on the same guess before. Hunted a bear with nice scat one evening 7 yrs ago in BC. Was sure it was a nice black. Just before dark he showed up….7-1/2’ grizzly. I stalked out of there with my hand on the spray. No grizzly tag in the draw for me that year but was a 30 yd opportunity if I’d had a tag.

The story continues the next morning however when my good buddy and his friend went back to the same spot at 5:00 AM and got the grizzly (rifle kill). My buddy’s first and only grizzly before the season closed. It was a little 1/2 acre swampy area with grass and some broad-leafed plants that he was feeding on surrounded by willow and alders. Those two guys were on day 12 of their grizzly hunt without a sighting when I directed them to the grizzly.

From: RonP
i'd keep an eye out for a hippopotamus

From: Kodiak
Big pile of poo no doubt.

I don't know but I do know that a big black bear can make a surprisingly big doodoo

From: PaulCLewis

PaulCLewis's Link
Its black bear I think.

From: TD
Must be the fiber.....

This place is awesome, the knowledge. Folks here really know their..... stuff.... =D

From: Kurt
Scatalogist here...haha TD.

From: LBshooter
I'd like to shoot the bear that left that pile behind lol.

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