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Idaho Refunds
Contributors to this thread:
JasonInIowa 07-Jun-22
sticksender 08-Jun-22
Treeline 08-Jun-22
Slam38 13-Jun-22
SDHNTR(home) 13-Jun-22
From: JasonInIowa
Has anyone received their refund from Idaho yet?

From: sticksender
Not yet. I checked back and mine arrived on June 3rd last year, on June 9th in 2020, on June 13th in 2019, and on June 29th in 2018.

From: Treeline
I was wondering the same thing. I had a credit card fraud issue and have a different number now than the one I applied with so am concerned about getting my refund.

From: Slam38
Has anyone gotten there Moose tag yet? I drew but have not received anything

From: SDHNTR(home)
I haven't received my moose tag yet either. I was also starting to worry.

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