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Bear meat recipes
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From: Juancho
I have a small bear all cut up and ready in the freezer. It is my first bear, so don't have any experience on how to prepare it. I can cook venison any day , but , I understand bear is a different animal , so to speak. What are your favorites dishes with bear? By the way, I rendered all the fat I could , and used some already to make pastries.

From: milnrick
Grill the back straps and tenders like you would venison or beef.

Roasts - remove fat as best as possible then toss it into a crock pot (like a pot roast) and set on low.


From: Huntcell
Remove the fat?????

That is what taste good. I leave some fat on all cuts and the extra fat I render down and fry steaks in it. Use bear fat where ever lard shorting or oil is called for. Mix it with venison when making burger. Its whitetail that remove every bit of fat that stuff is what makes venison taste not so good.

This fall bear i am taking extra containers to collect bear fat that other hunters toss.

From: non typ
I’ve smoked hams, pineapple /teriyaki summer sausage and make Spinich and feta cheese snack sticks a few days ago with 70/30 bear & pork

From: DanaC
A friend makes bear stroganoff and it is delicious.

From: Old Reb
How ever you prepare it, make sure it is cooked long enough to reach the the temperature that is required to kill trichinosis.

From: Ogoki
May be too late now as you may not have saved them . The bear ribs are my all time favorite . We cut them up small enough to put in our Instant Pot. Cook around 1 hour. Take out and place on aluminum foil . Add a dab of your favorite barbeque sauce and place on pre heated grill. I cook that way a little while and then slide them off foil on to grill ,to slightly brown them. Awesome eating !

From: Juancho
"May be too late now as you may not have saved them". Guess what! I saved them! As I started butchering, I took a god look at them and though, mmmm... those look good ... My wife makes awesome ribs, next time I'll give her these to prepare.

From: smarba
Use a meat thermometer to ensure you get it hot enough. Rare like an elk or deer steak likely won't cut it. Beyond that every way we've cooked bear turned out great, we don't do anything different than other game meat. I made some bear and oryx parmesan the other night. Cut like steaks, dip in egg, then cheese/bread crumbs, sear, then cook in oven with spaghetti sauce, fresh mozzarella and additional cheese. Yum! We thought the bear was actually better than the oryx, and that's really saying something.

From: Inshart
As "Old Reb stated - cook it well done.

Must watch is from Steve Rinella (meat eater) and how he contracted trichinosis.

From: JohnMC
I think bear hamburger is 10x better than any other wildgame.

From: Lewis
Curious would a big boar be any good for table fare interesting thread as we do have an archery season here in Tennessee.Lewis

From: smarba
The only bear I have killed was ~300lb+ old boar, he was in a drainage feeding on acorns. Delicious and tender.

From: Basil
Not sure why but I think bear is hands down the best stew meat there is. I also mix it with my venison rather than beef or pork when grinding burger.

From: Shrewski
One of the top 5 meals I’ve had in my life, not just game meals, was a bear pot roast in a Dutch oven. Incredible. That was a fall bear eating berries and acorns.

From: grape
Agree that bear hamburger is the best. Also, I make sausage with it without using pork. Give it a try.

From: fuzzy
Second the bear ribs. I love bear meat!

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