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I drew Colorado unit 76 deer
Mule Deer
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From: stealthycat
been 7 years waiting to Colorado muley hunt ... one animal I've yet to take is a good muley buck

can anyone say if 76 has good deer numbers or? I haven't been in that area (used to hunt 78 for elk) in years, since the burns really. I chose the unit because I hiked the continental divide trail from wolf creek once, love the scenery, the high mountains, how tough it is and the wilderness area.

From: Orion
Fairly low deer numbers you will glass lots of basins void of deer, but should see plenty of elk. Awesome country though

From: Starfire
The time to ask that question was before you applied

I drew that elk tag last year and I never saw a decent buck. As a matter of fact I saw very few deer at all. I talked to an outfitter and he said it was not a good unit to burn my deer points on. Not trying to rain on your parade but I think you will have your work cut out for you...... it is some of the prettiest country I've ever elk hunted tho.

From: stealthycat
Starfire - I wanted to hunt muley's, I've been in that country some, it'll be a fantastic anyway low deer numbers or not

thanks for being real though ya'll, I appreciate the information, I do

From: Teeton
I spent 14 days in 76 in I think 2016. I didn't see any good buck or a lot where I was at. I sitting on 22 or 23 points and still don't know where to burt them.

From: stealthycat
ya'll making this sounds like a fun challenging hunt :)

drive 1100 miles to a country I've not been in 7 years, no pre-scouting, going from 600 feet elevation to 10,000-11,000 feet, 3 knee surgeries and 53 years old, archery hunting mule deer that I've never seemed to be really successful at and in a unit that has low deer numbers :)

fantastic !! :) worst case, I hear bugling, get some fantastic photo's, eat some great rehydrated meals and bask in God's country for 8-10 days

worst ways to spent the first 10 days in September :)

From: Sivart
I like your thinking Stealthy

From: Buglmin
Brad, Depends on where in 76 you are at. The traffic in 76 as increased tremendously over the years in this area. A lot of hikers and campers, and lots of CDT hikers. Now, the deeper you go in, away from the trails, the better you'll be. Don't expect to find the big bucks in the basins where the divide trail goes through, or next to the divide trail. It ain't going to happen. The CDT hikers that come into the shop don't have much to say about the mule deer in 76, but they talk a lot about the elk and moose.

From: Treeline
There are still some good solid deer in 76. Just not a ton of them and you will have to work for it. Definitely take a fly rod, spectacular cutthroat fishing…

From: backstraps
Stealthycat I sent you a private reply, or check out my Instagram backcountry_archer

From: Firsty
I would probably hunt lower elevation, like right down by the river

From: stealthycat
appreciate the information everyone, really do

I've not hunted Colorado I guess since 2014 maybe? been too long, going to make the best trip of it and filling a tag will be icing

Hello fellow bowhunters, I am not normally on public forums for personal reasons, but decided to make an exception because I drew a once in a lifetime tag unexpectedly in Colorado. After finally drawing my 3rd bull elk tag in AZ in the past 40 years, I decided to not turn that tag in and hunt for moose after the elk hunt. That hunt is over and I am preparing to depart for Unit 76. There was a really well written article posted back in 2018 by JRABQ which has given me hope that I will at least be able to find some moose. A close friend of mine who has been on many moose hunts will be joining me, but neither of us has been in the unit. I am hoping to get it done with a bow, even though rifle season starts on the 1st of October. Anyway, the reason I am posting here is because if anyone has been there and hunted it or has any intel on the Moose in 76, I would be greatly appreciative of any help you might be able to provide. Hopefully some deer or elk hunters may have spotted something I might want to try to find. Who knows? Open to any assistance! Thanks and happy hunting!

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