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Elk and Mule Deer archery Colorado 2022
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East/West Coast 09-Jun-22
EmptyFreezer 09-Jun-22
MA-PAdeerslayer 09-Jun-22
KHNC 30-Jun-22

East/West Coast's embedded Photo
East/West Coast's embedded Photo
In addition to an OTC Elk tag for the unit I'll be hunting in Colorado this September, I have also pulled a Mullie Deer Tag. Working out like a fiend, shooting 3D shoots and working on the gear list for this year.

Going to be tough to top last year's 6x6 Heard Bull, but gonna give it hell!

From: EmptyFreezer
Beautiful bull.. my dream pic right there..

Awesome John! Congrats!

From: KHNC
Nice! What outfitter are you using this year?

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