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Mathews V3X 29
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Bill in MI 10-Jun-22
Sivart 10-Jun-22
Buglmin 10-Jun-22
From: Bill in MI
After 7 or so years shooting a Bowtech Insanity CPXL, I wanted to try a new bow. My local dealer set up an Elite EnVision, a Hoyt Ventum Pro 30, Mathews V3X 33, and the V3X 29. The Elite and Hoyt felt nice but not as nice at the shot as both the V3X 33 and 29. There was more vibration felt and they kicked out noticeably from my hand. As expected, I liked the draw cycle (less of a hump) on the V3X 33 the best but overall the 29 just seemed to be a better fit. These were all set at 65 lbs and 27 1/2" draw. It's been a long time since I've been in a Mathews (having had Strother, Elites, and Bowtechs over the last 12 years or so). I have to agree with Pat's review and I do love the Mathews accessory package to boot. If you're considering a new bow, give it a shot. Bill in MI

From: Sivart
I felt the same way. The 29 actually felt and shot better for me vs the 33. and I'm a 29" draw.

From: Buglmin
We carry the V3X 33 and 29 at the shop, and can't sell them. Most guys prefer the Ventum Pro'sor the RX7's over the Mathews. And now that I brought in the PSE Evo xf's, its tough to sell the Mathew's bows.

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