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Quiver for Micro diameter arrows?
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Schmitty78 10-Jun-22
wyobullshooter 10-Jun-22
kota-man 10-Jun-22
Matt 10-Jun-22
Schmitty78 11-Jun-22
midwest 11-Jun-22
Kurt 11-Jun-22
ScoutII 24-Jun-22
Shawn 24-Jun-22
Charlie Rehor 24-Jun-22
From: Schmitty78
I just bought some of the Easton Axis 4MM arrows and I’ll need a new quiver that fits these tiny suckers! Any certain quiver you guys would suggest I get?

Tight Spot

From: kota-man
Yep…Tight Spot

From: Matt

From: Schmitty78
Thanks guys! Just ordered one. Glad I asked though,I was leaning a different direction, but hadn’t watched the reviews on the tight spot.

From: midwest
Good choice!

From: Kurt
I’ll recommend Tight Spot as well and advise you to rotate 90* the gripper adjustment plastic wedge between the first and second arrow closest to the string. Really gets a tight grip on a 4mm shaft for the rear facing arrow when you do that. The wedge isn’t square. Tight Spot told me about that after I mentioned building a custom wedge to them.

From: ScoutII
Yes, Tightspot holds my Black eagle X-impacts with zero issues.

From: Shawn
I kept the same quiver and just cut an old aluminum 2016 and inserted in between the rubber gripers. It rueduce both my 5 my 5 arrow quivers to 3, but I never carry more than 3 arrows anyway. Shawn

TightSpot adjusts to 4 mm (.166), 5mm (.204) and 6mm (.244)

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