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Vortex rangefinders
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From: Medicinemann
I am getting ready to buy a new rangefinder. In view of their warranty reputation, I am quite certain that my next one will be a Vortex. My only "new" requirement is that I want a red display, versus black. While they have models that can apparently read out to as far as 4000 yards, as a bowhunter I have no such need for the ability to read those types of ranges. I am currently leaning towards the Vortex Crossfire 1400 model, with a second choice being the Vortex Diamondback 2000 model. If anyone has used either of these models. I would appreciate any feedback that you have to offer. A couple online complaints about the 1400 are the only reason that I am considering the 2000. The complaints were directed at the difficulty in "locking on" a target which was 100-200 yards away. It should be mentioned that not everyone seemed to have this challenge. I haven't seen any feedback regarding the 2000 model as it pertains to this type of problem.

From: Oryx35
I haven't put hands on the newest Vortex rangefinders, but the Ranger 1800 I tried last year was painfully slow. I ended up returning it in favor of my old (easily 10 years) Nikon. Hopefully the new ones are faster.

From: Goldy2416
I am using the Vortex Ranger 1800 for bowhunting and am happy with it. I have not experienced it being slow as a previous post noted. It has a bright red display that is clear in low-light conditions.

From: tradi-doerr
+1Goldy2416. I haven't had any issues with my Ranger 1800 and read-outs seem to be plenty fast for me.

From: ohiohunter
Sig 2200 ;)

I ranged my oryx 3-4x at 500yds before my buddy got one range with his swaros.

From: Kurt
Jake, Ensure the rangefinder gives you angle corrected yardage in scan mode. Fastest way to verify your reading is correct when mountain hunting game when spot and stalk and you can’t pre-range distances to trails etc.

From: GLP
I have the 1300 vortex. Wanted red readout and angle comp. Have had it a couple years and no problem. Love it.

From: Scoot
I switched from vortex to sig and I'm glad I did. Too many vortex problems..

From: JTreeman
I’ll throw in my 2 cents, maybe only worth 1 cent though.

I don’t like to buy things for the warranty, for my hunting stuff there is get really a lot of price leeway to buy “the best”. The best warranty won’t help you on the side of the mountain. I want it to work. I always try to buy what I think is the best (within reason). I personally feel there are several choices better than Vortex and at similar price points. I have owned a couple Vortex products (lower end stuff admittedly) and both have broken with very light use. I have a pair of 10x42 sitting on my window sill with only one eye cup as we speak. The warranty will cover it of course, but at this point I don’t even really care to send them in.

I used Leica for several years but 2 seasons ago I switched to a Sig Kilo. I think it is flat better than the Leica. And I sure as heck wouldn’t trade it for one of the Vortex. Similar price too.

Also, I could be way off base, but worth checking, for some reason I have in my mind that Vortex warranty does not cover electronics for lifetime. I could be mistaken, so please correct me if I’m wrong.


From: Ucsdryder
My next rangefinder will be a vortex too. Rangefinders, in my experience, don’t last. Don’t get me start on leupold. I think they build their rangefinders to last 25 months…right when the warranty runs out. It’s ridiculous. I really liked my sig, would not hesitate to buy another but, like I said, I’ll be buying a vortex for their warranty.

Jake, I know it’s not the model you’re asking about, but I’ve used the Vortex Ranger 1500 for the past several years. Absolutely love it.

From: Castle Oak
Never owned a Vortex anything. My first and only rangefinder is a Nikon Rifleman 1000 that I bought in 2014. I have used it for hunting (elk and whitetail) and for golf. I have beat that thing to death and it still works like a charm. I am so impressed with it that I found one at my local sporting goods store gathering dust in the back of a display case and bought it for my son. He uses his mostly for golf and plays multiple times each week. We've never had a problem. It has the automatic low light red display and angle compensation. It's the best money I've ever spent.

From: Nick Muche
I’ve been using the same Leupold for 12 years. Replace battery a few times and that’s all.

From: Coondog
Unless you prefer to use a cut chart… get the Leupold Full Draw 4 or 5. The best rangefinder for bowhunters. It also has the red display.

From: midwest
If I was in the market, I'd be looking really hard at the Leupold Full Draw.

From: maxracx
I have been happy with my Ranger 1800, I have never needed to use their warranty but glad it is available if my dog decided to chew it up. If I were to upgrade I would go with the new Viper.

From: SaddleReaper
Not sure I'd consider buying crossfire level anything... truly the bottom of the heap with vortex products. At least go with the Diamondback level.

I've had a "2nd gen" Ranger 1500 since 2016 I think, which is for sure an improvement over the 1st gen ranger which was PAINFULLY slow. I've never felt like it was inadequate for typical use, providing ranges in sufficient time with 2 clicks (one to fire it up, the other to range). I haven't really used it much for ranges over a couple hundred yards so idk if it lacks there.

One thing that really impressed me is the durability. A few summers ago I realized I couldn't find my rangefinder. After searching around the house and truck I began to think about where I last used it. I had to have dropped it beside the road while throwing stuff in the cab after woodchuck hunting. Nearly a week later I went back to that field where I parked my truck, and there it was. I had driven over it with the back tire as I left. It was hard packed dirt/gravel. Thought for sure I'd be using the famed vortex warranty.... but it's worked as new since that event.

One thing that I notice comparing Vortex models quickly is the (aluminum) framework. The ranger 1500 is almost certainly the model vortex now calls the copperhead- priced a little lower since I purchased it. While aluminum framework adds weight, I'm sure it made the difference in being crushed vs being left unscathed as I ran it over. Maybe a moot point however since they have the no fault style warranty....

You might not run yours over, but say you drop it on the rocks while on a hunt (shouldn't if you tether it anyways), will you be able to pick it up and have it still work, or will the cheap injection molded shell be damaged to the point the internals are effected?

From: Medicinemann
Lots of good input....keep it coming....

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