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Hey Saskatchewan folks
Whitetail Deer
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BullBuster 13-Jun-22
Tony 13-Jun-22
BullBuster 14-Jun-22
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BullBuster 19-Jun-22
From: BullBuster
Got a hunt booked this fall north of Saskatoon. Was wondering how the winter/spring went. Thanks

From: Tony
Over on the north east side it was the worst winter of my life. Sorry to be a downer, but tons of snow and super cold. We did get some good weather in March to melt out some food sources again, so that will probably have been a life saver for a lot of deer. What area will you be hunting ?

From: BullBuster
Thanks. Now that stinks. We are hunting somewhere 2-3 hours north. My buddy set it all up. I don’t even know name of outfitter

From: APauls
Hunting in Sask will always be good. Your outfitter most likely baited deer through the fall season leaving vulnerable bucks fat going into winter. You'll be fine. Most of Sask had similar weather to us which was brutal mid winter but November and December were mild. January and on was brutal. Will be some winter kill, but not like the terrible years where we lost half the herd.

From: Tony
Sounds like you are more on the west side anyway. They often have less snow. Like APauls said there will still be good deer regardless if some winter kill. Also some of the forest fridge deer winter well around cattle farms. My area the bush deer took a beating though

From: Whatthefoc
Don’t want to be the negative Nancy, but our winter around PA was brutal. From Xmas on, it was super cold and the snow was as deep here as I can remember. To make matters worse, we had a couple warm spells that resulted in heavy crust - the kind deer fall through, but coyotes run on top. Could be slower than usual out there for wt this fall. But that’s why we have big deer - survival of the fittest.

From: walleyes
As the guys have said above I don’t imagine it will be a year of high deer populations. But out of the last 10 years I bet it is an average year for sure as the population of mature deer last year was as good as it has been in the last 7 to 8 years. I wouldn’t be worried as there will be some good deer out there this year.

From: BullBuster

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