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Wolves and Grizzlies
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Beendare 14-Jun-22
deerhunter72 14-Jun-22
APauls 14-Jun-22
Ambush 14-Jun-22
Kodiak 14-Jun-22
Beendare 15-Jun-22
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Rut Nut 15-Jun-22
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Missouribreaks 15-Jun-22
From: Beendare

Beendare's Link
Some good footage of Wolves defending their kill against a Grizz bear. Site is They have a bunch of bear and wolf encounter stories.

From: deerhunter72
Incredible video! That bear was way outnumbered.

From: APauls
Was interesting to see the bear's disposition change from "Hey who's on my turf get outta here" to "oh $hit" real quick. Ain't no animal in the world have a chance against 10 wolves. Interesting to see how the wolves set up that encounter.

From: Ambush
I get a big laugh outa the narrator’s definitive wildlife knowledge:

“They’re not really attacking him, just leading him away, they’re basically just saying you shouldn’t be here”.

He should try that on a grizzly kill.

From: Kodiak
Cool video, the 'expert' is an idiot.

From: Beendare
Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of experts like that narrator…..too funny.


From: TGbow
Great video. I wouldn't want to have a showdown with the wolves or the Grizzly. No wolves where I live but plenty of coyotes. I recall a news story about a young woman in Canada attacked by a pack of coyotes and lost her life. It's not a common thing I'm sure but I don't trust a pack of yotes.

From: Rut Nut
That narrator watched too many Disney cartoons.......................................

TG have a buddy who lost a deer up here to a pack of yotes. I also had some a few years ago try and push me off a deer we had just shot. Fortunately it was daylight still and we won that case. My buddy wasn’t so lucky tho. He was out numbered in the dark with a bow 10/12 yotes he guessed

From: Shuteye
Can't get into Yellowstone now due to floods. Lots of damage. Smart bear to not mess with that many wolves.

The American Prairie is supportive of establishing both in the Missouri Breaks of Montana. Wolves and Griz would be part of the bison and elk ecosystem. Unit 410 might get interesting.

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