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So, about three weeks ago I got hit, after another truck in front of me lost control in the rain. The fella hit the cement barrier and I tried going to the far inside lane to avoid him. To no avail, he slammed into the side of my truck, totaling it.

Along with having my hunting/daily commute truck destroyed, I now have a 50% tear in the largest muscle/tendon that connects to the rotator cuff. Going to see a orthopedic specialist in the next few days to see about my options.

My question to you guys, can this be repaired by rehabilitation and PT? Have you had this happen, if so, what was your route to get back to 100% or close to it?

It’s not all doom and gloom although, Lana and I hit the Oklahoma elk lottery by both pulling coveted tags at the Wichita mountains NWR. She got a cow tag, I got a bull tag. She had 15 points and I had 25 points. The odds of both of us drawing were quite low. We’re excited. ;)

From: Jasper
Praying for a speedy recovery Rick!!!!

From: Slate
Good luck Rick. Mine was surgery. New injuries heal better then fixing old. That’s what I was told. I waited several years. Had it fixed finally. Was a good year till full recovery but worth it. Listen to your doc.

From: t-roy
I think I’d wait and see what the orthopedic specialist has to say, first. Could be any number of things. Hopefully it’s something that can be rehabbed with just PT.

Congrats on drawing the elk tags!! I gave up on ever hoping to draw one years ago.

Thanks fellas. Troy, that’s exactly what I’m waiting for and hopefully this will give me options after meeting with the specialist. Hoping I can strengthen and rehab it with therapy instead of going surgery route. We will see.

From: Thornton
Rotator cuff injuries can take over 6 months to heal, if they're going to heal. Mine healed on its own, but wasn't as traumatic as yours sounds. Keep in mind, orthopedic surgeons make their millions on surgery.

Dang man, Injuries suck.

Congrats on the 2 elk tags!

Keep the Faith,


From: Cornpone
On May 31 I came down hard on my left shoulder...unable to catch myself. I felt a "crunch" and it's still hurting, but not as bad. I have an appt. with an orthopedic doctor the 27th and will go from there. Good luck to you.

From: Blood
Go look for a doctor that will give you Platelet rich injection treatment. Typically sports surgeons will be your first choice. If it’s not a ligament, and just a muscle or tendon, you’ll be on your way to healing much faster.

From: Nick Muche
Glad you’re ok Rick! And I hope you have a quick recovery. Two OK Elk tags, that’s awesome!

From: Supernaut
Rick, I don't have any medical advice to offer but I will give you prayers and well wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

That is awesome that Lana and yourself both drew elk tags! I'll be looking forward to a hunt recap with some great pics.

From: elkmtngear
Congrats on those tags, Rick!

X2 on Platelets (PRP), either as a supplement to surgery if absolutely necessary, or just platelet injection with physical therapy.

I had 3 tears confirmed by MRI (rotator cuff, superior biceps tendon, and labrum). My Sports Med MD hit two of them with PRP back in 2019, and I have had no pain or problems ever since.

Kinda works like "poor man's stem cell"...initiates the body's own healing cascade.

From: Lost Arra
Shoulders are so complex it's tough to compare injuries and treatments. But best of luck on the recovery.

Big congrats on the Oklahoma elk tags! Two tags in one family is a bonus for Oklahoma. At least that's a rifle hunt!

Its a complex injury, best decided by medical personnel,,,,, My wife had rotator cup surgery.... Done in Wis, by the Doctor, that does the Brewers repairs,,,,,, Excellent job,,,, it was done in May,,,,,, very painful recovery at first,,,,,, I also had to learn the exercises do help her with, even during her rehab,,,, I went to classes for that, by her rehab,,,,,

This continued for the rest of the year,,,,,,, by Sept, it was easier on her, and by Dec, she was s 100 percent..... That was 3 years ago, and she has not looked back,,,,,

That is how long her recovery was,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, good luck

From: LINK
No ideas on the shoulder but congrats on the tags. The odds of drawing those bull tags is worse than drawing the best tag in NM. To draw a bull and cow has to be astronomical. You guys will be eating good in 2022.

From: Gunny
First, glad to hear you made it out of that accident with just a shoulder injury.

I had mine repaired last year. Three tears, bone spurs, and they had to cut and reattach by bicep tendon through my armpit. Three anchors installed.

Follow PT instructions and don't go too fast.

I decide to throw in a motorcycle accident with 11 broken bones a few months after my surgery also. I was able to bow hunt and shoot a doe. Could've got to shooting form quicker without the accident and I was too stubborn to turn the bow down.

Listen to PT and go slow!


EmbryOklahoma's embedded Photo
EmbryOklahoma's embedded Photo
LINK... around 1 in 400 for the bull tag, according to the 2021 odds. All combined, the odds are around 1 in 100. Now I feel like the guys that pick up a trad bow for the first time to go on the Big Mac traditional hunt. Largest caliber I have is a .243, might need to borrow a gun. At least I know how to shoot a rifle. :)

Also... thanks for the tidbits of info regarding the shoulder. I should be seeing my specialist in the next few days. I'll heed the advice given.

From: GFL
I waited years trying to rehab my torn rotator cuff and pt. Finally gave in and had surgery to repair. I wish I had went for the surgery now first. 9 months post I went elk hunting with 50 pound limbs on compound. I also had a tear in cartilage and my bicep tendon was partially torn.

Damn buddy, didn't see this..Keep posted for sure!

From: creed
What Blood said.

I let my left shoulder go with two irreparable tendon tears. I then tore my right rotator cuff and opted for PRP. Complete relief. That was 5 years ago and it has just started bothering me again. I am going to get another round of injections ASAP.

From: TGbow
Prayers for a speedy recovery and I'm glad it wasn't worse for you.

I had bone spur surgery 6 yrs ago. I do remember my Dr saying it's better to go ahead and get it taking care of instead of waiting.

What Blood says does ring true. A fireman buddy of ours was telling my wife about that. That could definitely be an option. Honestly, I still think I could pull back a 65 lb bow. It’s when I try to lift my arm straight out and above my shoulder/neck height, that it hurts. Plus there’s a dull, constant pain, in that area. About in the 3-4 pain scale range. Not continuously throbbing, I just know it’s there.

From: Tracker
I have had 4 shoulder surgeries. 3 times on right and once on the left. First surgery did not work out on the right and the next surgeon fixed it in two stages. Both have had a lot of archery pulls since 2000. My only advice would be to search out the best surgeon you can find if it comes to that. They are not all created equal. I live in Maryland now and would fly back the Cali if I needed shoulder surgery again.

From: Rock
I tore my left several years ago playing Hockey and was not sure what the problem was for a few months. It got a little better but still had pain and limited movement when lifting the arm. After a short break I was back playing Hockey and finally went to see a surgeon, he had a fit when I told him I was still playing and made me quit. But also told me I could continue shooting my Bow if it did not hurt too much. So I stalled off surgery until early December which was after Bow season. They told me I would not be shooting for 12 weeks after surgery, Got kicked out of PT early as I was doing so well then got the OK to start shooting again after 10 weeks. Shoulder is stronger than ever now.

From: Patdel
I dont know if platelet rich plasma shots are an option for you or not. You could ask. I tore the rcl in my elbow and went with prp instead of surgery. Im glad i did.

It still takes time and pt to heal but speeds up the process.

Gonna look into the PRP injections for my shoulder…..had it fixed in 2008 and it’s never been the same. Derailed a lot of baseball dreams due to that injury. Rotator cuff had 6 years almost complete in 2 spots, labrum was torn completely. To this day I can’t throw half of how I could before….

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