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Still Waiting On My Animals!!
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hunt forever 19-Jun-22
JohnMC 19-Jun-22
Bou'bound 19-Jun-22
PREZ 19-Jun-22
Inshart 19-Jun-22
Buffalo1 19-Jun-22
Bake 19-Jun-22
BOBSTER 20-Jun-22
JTreeman 20-Jun-22
hunt forever 20-Jun-22
pdk25 21-Jun-22
scentman 21-Jun-22
Chief 419 21-Jun-22
Bowfreak 22-Jun-22
RK 22-Jun-22
From: hunt forever
It's been a year and I'm still waiting on my Dip & Packed aniamls from my 1st Safari back in June of 2021. I had a few hides tanned that they haven't finished.

I'm also waiting on my crocodile rug from their Taxidermist they recommended thats located in their home town.

It's been a year and I'm still getting the comment, their almost done but they will not give me a date.

I'm getting frustrated and worried now.

From: JohnMC
Sounds like taxidermist here. Over a year and always almost done. Year does not seem crazy too me but no idea what is the norm.

From: Bou'bound
Don’t worry. If you worry they won’t come faster. If you don’t the time will pass. You got the animals. That was the hard part and import part. The rest is just logistics.

one year in your hands would be very fast . These days I would think 18 months to your door would be reasonable.

From: PREZ
I had my Dip and Pack animals back in 6 months from Limcroma. I wouldn't have anything tanned or mounted over in Africa.

From: Inshart
I would contact the outfit you hunted with.

From: Buffalo1
Seek help of your outfitter.

From: Bake
Mine was august of 2021. They say they’re waiting on a CITES for giraffe. I’d say that’s correct

We went in 2018. Had a couple things mounted and all back hides tanned over there. It was March of 2020 when things were ready to ship back, then the country shut down from Covid and it took another year to get them back. If it was only dip and ship on your items, it would have been less than a year, but since you have a mount and tanned hides, it is going to take longer. It will come, just be ready for shipping cost. Bob

From: JTreeman
Yeah, I would agree, a year doesn’t seem excessive to me. The shipping is gonna be an eye opener though I bet. Kinda same as Bobster for my last trip. I kinda procrastinated on some aspects too, but it was almost 3’years counting Covid delays, shipping, clearing, etc. it was all plains game, and by the time I was done I wished I had just left it all there. I probably would have if not for the zebra skin. But it would have been a fraction of the $ to just buy a zebra rug…

Next time I go I will be hunting a buffalo, it may be a difficult decision if I will bring any trophy home. It’s so expensive and such a pain in the ass I just don’t know if it’s worth it to me.


From: hunt forever
I did dip and pack on everything minus the crocodile. The skulls and hide are still at the outfitter. I didn't have anything mounted.

From: pdk25
Mine from 2019 just arrived in the States. It was a large order, and most places got seriously backed up on work due to Covid. Personally, I wouldn't be too concerned.

From: scentman
Past 2 yrs been stressful on all industries... little more patience. Hope all works well, send pics!

From: Chief 419
Don’t be in a rush to get your crates. The taxidermy bill is going to be painful.

From: Bowfreak

I am wanting to do another africa trip. I want to take a nice Kudu and a couple other animals of Mother Africa's choice. I can't imagine what it would cost at this point to do a few skulls/horns and a hide or two. That alone will probably keep me from going. However, the cull hunting trips are really enticing to me as I like to shoot about anything and only kill trophies when they are the first thing that shows. :)

From: RK
I’m with treeman. Bring home nothing but a picture or what you can fly with

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