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fathers day moose surprize
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relliK reeD 19-Jun-22
Treeline 19-Jun-22
elkmtngear 19-Jun-22
TGbow 19-Jun-22
Rgiesey 19-Jun-22
From: relliK reeD
Just returned from a three day fishing trip solo at my camp. plenty of brook trout. Got home and checked the mail to find I drew a Maine zone 1 bull moose permit for last week in September. Best Zone and week in my opinion. Cant wait as Maine has also opened up grouse hunting for that week as well.

From: Treeline
Congratulations! Good luck!

From: elkmtngear
Wow, that's amazing!

Happy Father's Day, and best of luck on that Moose hunt!

From: TGbow
Awesome..hope you fill your tag

From: Rgiesey
Great deal!

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