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Apple tree question
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From: Yasla

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I know it doesn’t matter for deer, but curious what happened to my apples? Looking for help in what these defects are, These divots have been present since these were tiny apples in may. every one has 1 or more divot. They seem to just be growing with the apples, not increasing in number. Mcintosh and crimson crisp trees, in upstate NY. I assume just some bug bite or something, but looking to confirm so can fix for next year. Thanks.

From: RIT
Looks like tarnished or Apple red bug damage.

From: Screwball

From: fuzzy
Insect larvae. If you are wanting "presentable" worm free apples use dormant oil spray in late Fall. If they're simply wildlife food don't bother.

Yep, bugs of some sort or stage in their life.

"Pretty" fruit takes a lot of spraying and care.

From: scentman
What's worse than finding a worm when you bite into an apple?

Finding half a worm when you bite into an apple. Sorry it's raining where I live and I'm bored;0)

From: APauls
Hey don't cut out the bonus protein on fruit. That stuff is hard to come by.

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