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walmart clearance
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TonyL 19-Jun-22
LBshooter 21-Jun-22
stealthycat 21-Jun-22
sundowner 23-Jun-22
From: TonyL

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if you’re in the market for an sd card reader, walmart has their hunting equipment on clearance. i got a good deal on this one. seems to work just fine

From: LBshooter
Got to love Walmart clearance sales. Picked up a couple Henry rifles for 162 bucks, love that Walmart,.

From: stealthycat
hate Wal-Mart, but I do love deals

From: sundowner
Don't buy anything from Walmart. They dumped Mike Lindell`s My Pillow for Mike's political views. Walmart is part of the cancel culture, and I will not enter their stores again.

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