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Unit 73
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HuntSeeker 21-Jun-22
Bob H in NH 22-Jun-22
Brotsky 22-Jun-22
From: HuntSeeker
I drew a tag for unit 73 in Wyoming and some some spots on public land I had hunted quite a few years ago(2015) but was wondering if anyone had any private land owners in that unit that they knew where I could possibly pay a small trespass fee to hunt as well as a back up? Also, anyone hunt there recently or live in that area that can give me a heads up on herd status or maybe other good public spots?

From: Bob H in NH
Wife and I hunted 73 last year and drew again this year, it's almost all public land and low pressure. You'll have fun. It was almost like being back on a private ranch after 2 years of hard hit public land. Both bucks we shot we spotted from the truck.

From: Brotsky
AREA 73 has a lot of antelope and a lot of public ground. You should have a great hunt as Bob mentioned! I just wish it didn't take 7 points to draw!

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