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Scouting Back Pack
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Looking for a new scouting backpack….must have good pockets for some organization and carry well. My current one is an 1800 series size wise. A typical day is anywhere from 2-10+ miles thru timber mountain laurel and up and down hills all day. Nothing crazy but 1000’ plus or minus is common several times. This is chasing bears and whitetails

From: Lost Arra
Is there something you don't like about your current pack? I got a Kuiu Venture 1800 when they went on sale (which is frequently) and it's a comfortable pack but not a meat hauler.

From: JTreeman
I have become quite the fan of the Kuiu Divide 1500 for stuff like that. Might be worth a look.

I have lots of packs, but find myself grabbing that one for light duty day type stuff most often right now.


There’s no interior pockets in the one I have. Everything it just “thrown in”. Which is fine for cameras but batteries straps etc are constantly burried and I find my self emptying half the bag all the time

From: Ermine
Get a Kifaru pack

From: RonP
Eberlestock X2. Might be a bit big for what you are looking to do but organizes well and rides really nice, like a much smaller pack. You'll use it for more than scouting plus it can pack a load if need be.

Ron I’ve been wanting a X2 for a long time but hate buying without seeing especially packs when it comes to seeing storage

From: jimss
I agree with Ermine...buy yourself a favor and buy a large Kifaru framed pack. You won't need another pack in your life! Your body will thank you if you get a large framed quality frame with large bag that you can cinch down when not loaded. I hardly know mine is on my back when loaded with spotter, tripod, water, lunch, etc. The same load in a 2,000 cu in daypack and my shoulders, neck. and back would be incredibly sore after a day or so of hiking.

You can customize your kifaru bag with a large assortment of pockets, lid, etc. that fits your equipment and hunting style.

From: RT
I've used an X2 for several years. I've packed several things out with it. It's a good day pack and you can strap an additional pack to the top of it if you have to, but it's not a hauler, obviously. Mine has been through a lot and still has years left in it but it's now delegated to whitetail, pronghorn, small game, fishing, etc. It's like an old reliable pair of boots that have been through it all with you.

Whats wrong with the one you have..... A couple of years ago, I was guided by a great guide,,, He had a rummage sale frame, and a Wal Mart pack ..... I agree with Ermine, good luck.............

From: DanaC
Use 'stuff sacks' within your current pack to organize things.

Read up on the actual total weight of the empty pack. Many are given as bag weight, then frame weight because they don’t want to advertise that it weighs 7lbs empty. For a “scouting” pack you don’t need one to haul 200 lbs.

search by features you like, empty Weight, then cost.

From: eBike John

eBike John's Link
I was just on this website yesterday The Packable Life, it has a bunch of info that could help you find something.

I’d get a Kifaru 357 mag. Check’em out. It’ll outlast any similar pack on the planet. At a modest weight with true weight hauling capabilities. It’s a perfect eastern hunting pack if you debone your kills.

From: fisherick
Although I own several camo hunting backpacks of various sizes, I find them heavy and lacking compartments/pockets. I find I use my REI Traverse 30 pack more for hiking and scouting. Much lighter and more compartments/pockets and comfortable. The bigger the pack the more you tend to stuff it with unneeded junk.

From: Tracker
I recently picked up a Kuiu Ventire 2300. Perfect size for that.

From: Scoot
Kifaru Nomad. Works great for day hunts, has packing capabilities (rocks at it actually), and can add a camp bag to haul as much as you can carry. Very adaptable. Lots of pockets/options. One con- lots of straps and several pockets require strap removal. I use belt pouches and a guide lid to deal with that...

From: APauls
Love my Master Ranch Pop up for that. I think I have the pop up 18 which is a size that is discontinued now. Great Pack. Can't believe they discontinued that size. Pretty much the perfect pack for whitetail stand hunting to carry a stand too

From: Huntiam
I’d go with a wal mart all hells of pockets on them and it’s just a scouting pack

I went with an alps outdoors pursuit x pack for now. Good pockets it looks like, 120$ and good “shelf” to hang when I’m in my saddle. Worse case I don’t like it and it goes to my nephew who’s just starting to hunt with me or will go in the tote for my sons or daughter later on.

From: 32Timbers
I also have a venture 2300 and really like it. Have a kifaru nomad and it is my go to for longer trips but not scouting or light backpacking. Use it as a carry on when flying too.

From: Rockbass
I also have a Kuiu Venture 2300 that seems to be just the right fit with some weight for my elk hunt. I also purchased a Mystery Ranch Popup 28 which is a beast of a pack and extremely well built but just did not feel as good on my back.

From: peterk1234
Nick, now don't laugh at me but I use my stone glacier 5900. It compresses down to nothing. I have resorted to using it for everything. Truly a one pack for all. I think any of the other high quality load carrying packs do the same.

Honestly, I wish I had this thing while still living in massachusetts. I would have used it for tree stand hunts as well :)

Nice thing is, when you need more space, just expand it. You know, for when you find 30 pounds of chicken of the woods mushrooms!

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