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Grizzly numbers Dubois WY?
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Going to be in that area the next couple of weeks and was going to do some hiking what is the bear situation in and around that area? Any input would be appreciated thanks!

Bears: Many, Gun: Yes, Spray: Yes, Also helps to hike with someone you can outrun. Have fun.

The area to the west of Dubois has had the most people killed by grizz in the USA when you look at the deaths:sq. miles ratio over the past 10 years.

I've done three hunts there over the past ten years and have seen far less bears than west of Cody, though.

It's a beautiful area though and I wouldn't not explore just because of this. There's lots of people out there and only a few people have been killed. Odds are overwhelmingly in your favor and the drive there is probably more dangerous than the hike.

Sling a shotgun over your shoulder with slugs and go hike in peace.

From: JL
If OP is hiking and bears are a concern....I'd roll with a chest holster, a mag pistol and Buffalo Bores. My 2 pennies.....

From: Treeline
Far more dangerous driving there and back than the bears. Keep your wits about you but don’t be scared of everything out there.

If you do want protection, a short pump 12-gauge shotgun with alternating slugs and 00 buckshot would be best. Pistols just don’t have much horsepower and are harder to handle in a pinch without a lot of training.

I'm up there most every summer for a photo/scouting trip on deer-128 & elk-67& Sheep 22.

I've seen Grizzz every single trip.

If you are taking a dog, keep it on a leash as if they chase at a bear and the bear confronts them and the dog will run back to YOU and bring the bear with him!!! haha Ture story man.

Good luck, Robb

From: Brotsky
I spend a lot of time out there as well. Lots of bears but just be bear aware and prepared and you'll be fine. More up toward the pass than down lower toward Dubois. Stop in at the Cowboy Cafe for an awesome breakfast and then stop in at the Rustic Pine for a beer, they might be hurting for revenue this year since I won't be in WY:)

From: TurboT
Laughing at Brotsky's post.

Dubois is a great area. Ditto to everything already posted.

From: Norseman
Fire hit the south side pretty good a few years back. Coming back nicely though. Easier to spot bears in the burn.

If camping there are some nice spots on Sheridan Creek just off South side of highway up by Tie Hack. Check out the Bighorn sheep center in town as well.

From: elkster
Just drew antelope tag there. Have never been to this area of Wyoming. Didn't factor Grizz into the equation when applying ( because it was for antelope) but would have factored it if applying for elk.

We will be there first week of October. Will be camping, so any info about the area as it pertains to Grizz and camping, etc.. would be appreciated.

From: Michael

Michael's embedded Photo
Michael's embedded Photo
Ike is not afraid of no stinking bear! Lol

A few years ago when I hunted there with Ike I carried a knife. My defense strategy was I didn’t have to outrun the bear I just needed to outrun Ike.

On a serious note. Seen bear sign in a few drainages but never did see a bear in the 2 weeks we were there. Heard coyotes and wolves every night. Even seen a wolf cross the road the first day in the area.

Most of the guys I talked to that were hunting up on the pinnacles carried shotguns like Ike had mentioned.

Lava mountain has nice little cabins to stay in. They were very reasonable when we were there. Have no clue what they run now days.

I just sold that truck yesterday. I got 20 percent more for it than I payed for it and that was after putting 50K miles on it, denting the fender, and scratching the Hell out of it going down brushed in roads.

From: KHNC
Now KSBOW, you know you arent going "hiking" up there anytime soon. :)

You are just fishing for info on that area since the leftover tag list just came out. Bravo! Slick way to find out without directly asking. lol

From: Norseman
Did you by another Honda? Ha ha ha

From: Pop-r

From: Old School
12 ga 3” slug can have up to 3,100 lbs of energy. Just for comparison sake a 44 mag has around 1,200. The mighty .500 S&W Mag has around 2,400 lbs of energy.

Which would most people shoot most accurately - 12 ga with slugs.

From: elkocd
12 gauge. Buckshot, slug, buckshot, slug and on.... Of course that is not a hunting rig. I carry my Glock 20 and spray. I have posted a story of a grizz on my kill around Dubois. If I was to go back in the same situation I would carry the 12 gauge with that setup. Just so much more accurate and longer range.

BTW I'm in Dubois right now. If I'm just hiking I just carry the Glock 10mm in the bino holster.


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I've done a couple of my Photo/Scouting threads for this area/units




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And this one--------->

From: RowdyBuck

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I was attacked by a grizzly bear in that area just west of Dubois in 2017. Along with being attacked I've had 5 different close encounters (Within 30 yards) in that area over the years. Carry Bear spray and side arm and don't travel alone. If I didn't have someone with me that day it would have been much worse. Don't want to scare you out of there... Just be aware and prepared.

From: Rut Nut
Wow! The good Lord was watching out for you that day! Glad you made it out to tell the story.................

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