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Colo Sheep and Goat hunters plz read!
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From: KHunter

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If you are a current or previous Colo Sheep or Mt. Goat tag holder the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society has a can't miss event for you on July 9th!

We are hosting our 2nd annual Sheep & Goat Hunter Meet and Greet on July 9th in Golden Colo from 10 am to 2 pm to help connect the lucky new crop of hunters with the folks who have hunted the various units previously.

See attached link for details and please sign up if you are holding a tag and would like to meet some experts on your particular tag willing to help you start planning your scouting and hunt.

If you have hunted sheep and/or goats in Colo please sign up for the opportunity to get more mileage and fun out of your hunt by sharing your insights with the next crop of hunters.

A bunch of folks have signed up already. Join us for a good cause and a good time!

Hit me with a response here or via DM if have questions. This event was a huge success last year and will only be better this year.

Kirby Wynn RMBS board member and overall sheep and goat hunting nut.

From: Seth
It’s a great event and part of the experience; you won’t regret going.

From: KHunter
For folks with prior Colo Sheep and Goat hunting experience...if you do not plan to volunteer to attend and help orient the guys and gals following in your footsteps on July 9th, please consider messaging me with your name, the units you know, and your phone and email if you are willing to take a call from a person who has drawn 'your' unit this year to help them get started with some knowledge of the area and animals.

Let's pay it forward to this next crop of sheep and goat nuts Good karma in that!

From: KHunter
TTT, we have about 90 folks signed up and would love to see you there as well!

From: KHunter
Great turnout! We hosted over a hundred folks at the Sheep and Goat hunter Meet & Greet yesterday. Hopefully all had fun and were successful in getting helpful tips for their upcoming hunts. A. number of folks even won cool prizes such as a yeti cooler, Stone Glacier pack, a full Sitka outfit, Meindl boots, and other cool stuff. Sandbrew cooked up some great food for everyone. Welcome any constructive feedback to help us plan for next year’s event, via DM or here.

Kirby RMBS board member


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