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Scott Wildcat 2 Release
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tobywon 26-Jun-22
tobywon 27-Jun-22
tobywon 01-Jul-22
StickFlicker 01-Jul-22
Shug 01-Jul-22
Ken 01-Jul-22
From: tobywon
Anyone have experience with this release, looking for input? I have the original Wildcat and been using it for years, but the release mechanism is tethered to a strap where the Wildcat 2 has a solid piece from the wrist strap. Looking to get it as a backup release to what I already have.

From: tobywon

From: tobywon
OK I guess no one has any input, so I figure I'd rephrase so maybe I'll get more response and to see if anyone is even opening this thread.

If you were a supreme court justice, but were still in the closet because you were transgender and wanted to go to the rainbow festival, but gas prices are way too high and you were not vaccinated, would you consider this release?

HaHa....Happy Friday everyone and have a safe long July 4th weekend!!!

From: StickFlicker
Good one Paul. I was hoping for responses as well, since I too have been looking at that one as a backup release.

From: Shug

Shug's embedded Photo
Shug's embedded Photo
I have a couple of the talon… same thing only it has a open hook instead of the closed jaw…

If you’re interested I’m selling them both. Personally I think they are too long in the barrel for my stubby fingers… PM me if you’re interested I’d let them go cheap…

From: Ken
I've shot the Wildcat with the rigid connection, not the strap for 10 or more years. The Wildcat2 sounds like it is almost the same as the original Wildcat with the rigid connection.

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