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WY elk 54-2
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odoylerules 26-Jun-22
Ron Niziolek 26-Jun-22
Cheesehead Mike 26-Jun-22
From: odoylerules
My friend and I will have 12 points going into the 2023 draw. We were looking at this hunt (54-2) and wanted to know if anyone has any thoughts. We are planning on going to WY for a scouting trip this summer to get to know the area. We were also considering an archery hunt, and were looking at unit 45-9. We will be able to access wilderness with a resident guide coming along on the hunt. Thanks

From: Ron Niziolek
The Morrison jeep trail is wiped out on the south end. The switchbacks were closed by land slides over memorial day weekend and now the road in the bottom of the canyon is washed out by major flooding. That road will not open this year in my opinion. That pretty much means access off the top of the Beartooths. You may be able to travel the top end of the Morrison jeep trail but not until at least July 15th and even then it’s best to contact the forest service for exact dates.

Hunted 45-9 several years ago and it was a great hunt.

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