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replacement for HHA 5519 sight?
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flyingbrass 27-Jun-22
Buck Watcher 27-Jun-22
RIT 27-Jun-22
Buffalo1 27-Jun-22
From: flyingbrass
I'm not current on all the sights. I have a HHA 5519 I love. I got another bow from a friend in a tight and I want to replace his single pin sight with a wheel sight of some kind. My old bow has a HHA 55519 and I like it so I figured I'd ask.

From: Buck Watcher
If you "love" your 5519 . . . . . . Why not another HHA? LX-5519 is comparable to what you have now and of course the make a new versions too.

Still made in Wisconsin - USA.

From: RIT
I just bought the HHA 5519 single pin. So far I love that thing. They made one specifically for the Picatinny rail on the Hoyts. Very streamlined and low profile. I am driving tacks. If you have a sight you love I don’t see the debate.

From: Buffalo1
If it ain't broke- don't fix it !!

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