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Mule Deer
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From: srdjr8
After disappointingly missing out on all my draws I put in for this year, I ended up drawing a region T general leftover deer license. I wanted to reach out so see if anyone had some input on the area. After studying the map and reading up on things is a camp Guernsey application worth it? Is there a population of deer in the walk in areas? Not much can be found online so I wanted to post here.

Thanks, Scott

I got a Whitetail buck tag and another RP Cow/calf tag via the Leftover draw, to go along with my 2nd choice RP cow/calf tag in the initial draw.

Fun to hunt on three tags for only around $1,400.00 includes Bow, Conservation & Elk Feed Stamps.

Good luck, Robb

From: wytex
T gets hunted hard so walk in a ways to get away from folks. A few whitetails over there too, hard access on them though. I might get into some rough country near ag fields and wait for bucks to come up and bed after feeding. Any HMA access would be good I would think.

From: srdjr8
Yeah that's what i was thinking. Might just stick to some walk in areas then try and escape what crowd there may be at Camp Geurnsey. I also will be bow hunting only. Any Idea which half of the state has the better population of deer. Hard to hunt that whole unit in a week.


From: wytex
Have you emailed the biologist? He may have some suggestions. I might start closest too water, river or lakes.

Dano hope that cow tag isn't area 6 unless he has access. I know parts of 6 very well.

From: HunterWY
I've spent a lot of time in that country. I wouldn't expect to see any bruisers but a decent buck is possible with enough time spent. I would definitely put in for Camp Guernsey permission. I have seen some deer in that country but at the very least it opens you up to more spots to check out as public land, at least good public land can be hard to come by in that part of the state. You'll spend a lot of time behind the glass and probably won't pick out a lot of deer, but they are in there. Good luck!

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