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Rack Broke in Velvet Stage
Whitetail Deer
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sticksender 07-Jul-22
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Zbone 07-Jul-22
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Brian M. 15-Jul-22
From: sticksender

sticksender's embedded Photo
sticksender's embedded Photo
Thought this was kind of interesting. Saw pics of this little 4x4 buck in June with most of his right beam dangling. Couldn't tell if it was broken or just growing in the wrong direction. In the 6/27 pic you can see the dropping beam and the two tines turning at their tips. Then in the 7/07 pic last night, the beam is missing entirely, above the brow. Not really sure but possible he had a crash of some kind, injuring the rack. Seems kinda rare...from my understanding they're usually real careful with their antlers in velvet.

Yep having raised WTs I've seen them reattach disfigured or simply fall off depending on circulation.I wonder if he knows how safe he is from hunters this year.Might get pushed around though.

From: Zbone
Neat, thanks for sharing...


From: Brian M.
I'm surprised more aren't broken. Imagine running through the woods with a grappling hook on your head.

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