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Is the Deercast Ap worth the $$$
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Camp David 12-Jul-22
Pat Lefemine 12-Jul-22
MA-PAdeerslayer 12-Jul-22
Camp David 12-Jul-22
Blood 12-Jul-22
Will 12-Jul-22
Charlie Rehor 12-Jul-22
Bowfinatic 12-Jul-22
Meat Grinder 13-Jul-22
SBH 14-Jul-22
Coondog 14-Jul-22
Michael 14-Jul-22
APauls 14-Jul-22
TGbow 14-Jul-22
Shawn 14-Jul-22
Bake 14-Jul-22
BowSniper 15-Jul-22
iceman 15-Jul-22
PECO2 15-Jul-22
WV Mountaineer 15-Jul-22
From: Camp David
Just wondering if the Deercast ap from Drury Outdoors is worth the money. I know many more features have been added since it’s origination.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

From: Pat Lefemine
My buddy liked it, I looked at it and was on the fence. The tracking portion is OK for beginners but nothing an experienced person shouldn't already be familiar with.

As far the other other factors that tell you what days are best to deer hunt - I've always been skeptical. I agree with the Wensel philosophy that says if I have an opportunity to be in the tree it doesn't matter with those crazy tables say - Ill be in the tree.

My 2c

Pat x2, I’ve never killed a deer at home because the calendar said it was a bad day. I’ve killed em in the tree when the weather said it was bad tho. can’t kill em from the couch! Again, my 2 cents

From: Camp David
Pat…I do agree with you on what are the best days to hunt are. The fact is that trophy bucks get killed every single day of the season.

From: Blood
If you buy an OnX Elite membership for the year, you get Deercast for free. And there’s lots of discount codes for the elite membership now. You’re welcome.

From: Will
I'm with MAPA. I played with it due to my OnX membership hooking me up for a while, but frankly, I'm self employed. If I can hunt Tuesday on X week, and Deercast says that is a bad day... My odds of getting a deer are still higher going than skipping that day and NOT hunting again for several days.

The other factor, when you start looking at all these GPS tracking studies on deer in various regions and what not... I may start a fight with this statement... But I think the GPS data would suggest things that are different than the app. Not to say the app is crap. Just that deer need to move, daily, and if you are not where they are, you wont see them... No matter what an app says about the convergence of moon, weather, breeding period etc...

As Blood pointed out I get DeerCast with my OnX Elite and like the 5 day forecast of temperature relative to normal temps. No matter what time of the year: any day that’s colder than it’s normal temp is a good day.

I like the drury videos and love the weather app so worth it to me. I don't use it to determine whether I hunt or not

From: Meat Grinder
I tried Deercast the year it came out (it was free at the time), but I don't get to choose my days off from work on a week-to-week basis, so I have to hunt when I'm off, not when an app says it's a good day to hunt. I have to plan my vacation time months in advance, so no way to plan based on weather there either.

Last year I started using the free version of It shows topography (not high resolution), wind direction and speed, wind gusts, temperature, barometric pressure, sunrise/sunset, altitude, long./lat., precipitation amounts and an 11-day forecast. It seems to be pretty accurate, and I've been happy with it.

From: SBH
Did not know that regarding Onx elite. How do I access deercast thru Onx? I don't see a direct link or is it a layer I can't find? Thanks guys

From: Coondog
You link OnX account to Deercast on the Deercast website.

From: Michael
In my opinion it isn’t worth buying for an experienced hunter.

However for someone that is new to hunting it most definitely is worth it.

As Charlie mentioned colder then normal temps will get deer on there feet moving. One thing that I learned last year from using the app is it would change almost hourly. One hour it would say excellent for the day and then next hour it would say good or vise versa. The app is only as good as the weather data being imputed in to is.

From: APauls
My local weather station tells me weather and comparison to normal. Windy tells me wind speed and direction and wind forecast. My eyes and brain tell me if the buck(s) I am hunting is huntable according to the variables presented in the woods. Not sure how an app is going to tell me that.

I've hunted old bucks that are regularly daylight active, and I've hunted some that aren't. My biggest buck could have been killed with the right wind on normal temps or below temps and even some above average temp days. He was out there all the time. Trail cam data told me he was out every 4-5 nights. Eyeball scouting told me he was out 4 OUT OF 5 nights. If I would have waited for a "great" day according to an app I would not have killed him the day I did. But scouting told me he'd be out. No app can scout for you.

But don't get me wrong. I love the guys that wait for big bucks to show regular on camera and wait for a red moon or deer cast day to kill deer. Leaves more alive for the average Joe like myself. I mean you still need to be careful on spreading your scent, but if you can hunt without influencing the deer...

From: TGbow
Save your money and look at the deer feeding charts. I use the chart just so I will know what the prime feeding times are but I still hunt regardless of what the charts say..especially during the rut. Best thing is to just get out and hunt and learn...a hunter never stops learning

From: Shawn
Save the money and just get ONX with the elite membership its included and you can look at it if you want. I hunt when I can hunt but I do like to be able to mark waypoints and permission access that I have. Landowners names are great as than you can look them up and ask permission. Hunt every chance you get, no app can tell you if you will be successful or not. Shawn

From: Bake
Kudos to the Drury's for figuring out a way to make money with the death of the hunting video industry. . . . but I never really cared for it. I tried it that first year when it was free. Kinda fun to play with, but I chose not to subscribe.

I'm with Pat and the others, I'm gonna hunt when I can during late October through end of the season, regardless of whether an app tells me it's going to be good or not. . .

From: BowSniper
I like my Drury Deercast App a lot. For around $10 a year it helps keep me motivated and optimistic. And the weather forecast data is timely and easy to read.

From: iceman
I've never looked into it really. I'm with Bake - I have limited time to hunt, so I have to hunt then, no matter what the conditions are.

From: PECO2
I hunt and fish when I can. I don't listen to the experts. Too many times the deer and fish don't do what the experts say they should be doing.


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