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Fee Increase Utah
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BULELK1 13-Jul-22
txhunter58 13-Jul-22
sticksender 13-Jul-22
BULELK1 14-Jul-22
IdyllwildArcher 14-Jul-22
WV Mountaineer 15-Jul-22
HDE 16-Jul-22

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It is on the table for public input.

My personal feelings---------->

I think the Non-Ressy fees should stay the same as they are currently.

It seems most every state is trying to lead the way in Screwing the Non-Ressy and I think our state could start a new precedent of embracing our fellow hunters/Americans.

Good luck, Robb

From: txhunter58
To be honest, a fee increase in Utah wouldn't bother me much. In the next couple of years I will be cashing in points and hunting for deer and elk and then I will be done. They are going to be once in a lifetime hunts. It is states like Colorado, where I try to hunt yearly, that it becomes a burden.

From: sticksender
I watched Kenny Johnson's whole video, and there was no mention in his charts of increasing limited entry big game permit fees, Res or Non-Res, other than CWMU deer. I guess it's possible he just left that part out? He also showed no increases for NR hunting, fishing, or combination licenses, just increases in the resident fees for those. Again, no idea if he just left that out of his talk and charts, or if those NR fees are actually not increasing.

I hope that is the actual final decision, Greg.

I don't have the time nor interest to sit around listening to those type of podcasts/sorry.

Good luck, Robb

They just raised rates…


From: HDE
The DWR has no freaking clue what is causing "inflation" and that it isn't necessarily a permanent thing.

They're doing it because other people are because the inputs of their business require it.

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