Pittman Robertson on the chopping block
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From: SmokedTrout

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RETURN our Constitutional Rights Act of 2022

This act would repeal Pittman-Robertson. Please write or call your congressman and let them know what you think. Currently there are 55 cosponsors to this bill (all Republican) and loss of PR funds would be devastating to Fish and Game departments and is a direct shot across the bow to the North American model of Wildlife Management. You want to pay more for licenses and tags? Then let them know you support this bill.

Groups already signing a letter sent to House leadership against this bill include the NRA, B&C Club, DU, Pheasants Forever, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and more. Personally, whether you are Republican, Democrat, or independent I think you should let your congressman know this is a really bad idea.

From: Olexander
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From: Will
Almost posted this the other day. The article I read on it noted about 50 house members signed on almost immediately. Nearly brain dead level of legislation in my opinion - PR is massive for anyone who loves the outdoors. My suspicion is that the rep who started it never considered what it meant, just wanted to say "see, I tried to cut taxes" in his next election cycle. Letters sent in opposition to my reps.

From: SmokedTrout
Thanks for sending letters to your reps. The rep who introduced it just happens to own a gun store, he knew fully well what he was doing. My rep, Matt Rosendale (a cosponsor), won't pay attention to my letter I am quite certain, but it never hurts to try. As you said, anything to cut taxes even taxes that have a proven track record of doing good.

PR and Dingell-Johnson have been great successes. I think people take for granted what these dollars do for us, including cheaper licenses and tags, and most importantly access.


From: SmokedTrout
Thanks WV

I think most sportsmen and women are proud of the contributions PR has made towards Wildlife Management and they should be proud of it.

From: 2Wild Bill
Instead of the Federal government collecting the taxes, how about the individual states collect taxes on the equipment sold in their state? Bring the bookeepers closer to local administration.

From: drycreek
As far as I can tell, the P-R Act is the only tax that anyone ever ASKED for. I think Will nailed it. The level of incompetence in Congress is amazing !


DiRTY MiKE 's embedded Photo
DiRTY MiKE 's embedded Photo
I saw this on the interwebs -

From the FPC

Here’s the thing re Pittman-Robertson taxes: We’re going to see them repealed or sue & challenge them as unconstitutional. It’s an unconstitutional tax that gun/ammo buyers shouldn’t be burdened with. Bad taxes spent on things you like doesn’t make them good.

From: tradi-doerr
I sent email's to my two reps. DiRTY MiKE, This has the smell of deceit all over it! Funding it from General fund or UN-allocated lease revenue from oil gas industry gives way to much unknown's in the future as these funds fluctuate way to much, not to mention funding could easily be cut due to the lack of money. HR 8167 is a bad bill period!

From: Heat
So dumb!

From: Will
Wait, am I reading that correctly? There are people who actually like hunting/fishing that think PR and DJ funds via specific taxes are bad? The system is pretty cool when you really get into how the funds come in get distributed, and especially, what they have done.

Constitutional taxes are called taxes. The idea that it's an unfair burden on people involved in shooting or hunting/fishing is really hard for me to try and navigate too. Example: "I have no money and the gvmt did it by taxing me to death"... Says the guy who's bought 10K in guns the past 3 years with several G's in ammo, with a 15K fishing boat and 50K truck who pays 5-10G's a year to lease some hunting ground.

Please, yes, tell me how unfair this burden is that has literally helped provide opportunities to hunt/fish for you, those before you and those to come.

I know some people are just really allergic to taxes, but dang... Killing PR and DJ is like shooting your foot and then whacking off the other with a machette!

From: KSflatlander
Great posts Will.

Where’s Missouribreaks when you need him. Kick these R’s out of your camps.

Actually I’d say invite the R’s voting, sponsoring, and supporting this to your/my camp so the can see the value of PIttman Robertson.

From: Bowfreak
Even a drunk man can stagger on to something correct every once in a while. I’ll continue to vote R every single time for the rest of my life for any national election. I realize I will still have to fight them on 5% of the topics when they are wrong. I’ll take that vs voting for liberals who are right 5% (this is actually probably a real stretch) of the time and wrong 95% of the time.

From: BC
Well said Bowfreak.

From: SmokedTrout
I really do not care how you vote, but if your representative is one of the cosponsors (as mine is) you should let them know what you think, or if your rep is on the Ways and Means or Natural Resources committee in the House you should let them know what you think, even if you think like DirtyMike. Personally, I think we've got much bigger problems to deal with and worry about in this country than trying to dismantle one of the most successful programs this country has implemented and replace it with hollow funding subject to the whims of the next budget.

I would probably support this bill if they removed the provision to dismantle PR and add the additional funding for hunter education, shooting ranges, and wildlife conservation from the stated sources. However, I do like the fact the we can consider the benefits derived from PR funds as ours, funded completely by sportsmen. The anti hunters and their organizations can keep their noses out of it.

See you at the range! (most likely built and maintained with PR funds)

From: DL
I’d like to see it set aside for a few years. Then when things start falling apart and shutting down the public needs to be informed who paid for all these things like wildlife viewing areas and many other things. The general public has no clue what WE pay for them to enjoy. Maybe we might get a little more respect. Of course liberals and antis will twist it someway to blame us I suppose

Nothing is free in this world. Money runs the world. Pay to play: plain and simple. There just isn’t enough money to go around and take first class care of everything: look at the post office , veterans health care, infrastructure etc. in this case there is money that supports what we love best. Let’s appreciate the fact that folks were able and smart enough to make this (tax) happen.

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