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TerraGlide user question
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wkochevar 15-Jul-22
Nick Muche 15-Jul-22
'Ike' (Phone) 15-Jul-22
JTreeman 15-Jul-22
BC 15-Jul-22
Charlie Rehor 15-Jul-22
WV Mountaineer 15-Jul-22
From: wkochevar
How snug are your bows in the Terraglide? My bow cams are pretty tight against the top and bottom of the bag.... kind of concerned with airline handling. how do yours fit and your experience it its tight? Thx Kip

From: Nick Muche
Mine is tight as well but I leave my bowsling on to further protect the cams. Hasn’t been an issue so far on several long trips.

Like Nick said…Bowsling and a sock or beanie between that, zero issues!

From: JTreeman
I always use a couple pairs of socks. Sometimes I can kinda cant my bow and get a little room (1-2”) for double socks too.

I have never had any issue using the terraglide on dozens and dozens, maybe hundreds of flights over the last 10 years.


From: BC
Same here with the bow sling and clothing for padding. Zero issues.

Cant the bow. Tip of the year. Thx JTreeman


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