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Adding Ammonium sulfate to Clethodum 2E
Whitetail Deer
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goyt 19-Jul-22
Pat Lefemine 20-Jul-22
goyt 20-Jul-22
DanaC 08-Aug-22
goyt 08-Aug-22
From: goyt
The instructions I have say that ammonium sulfate should be added to Clethodum 2E for alfalfa but maybe not for clover. I have done it both ways with my plots which have clovers and some BFT. I have gotten positive results both ways, but I have not done it enough to be able to say which is better. What has been your experience?

From: Pat Lefemine
Just crop oil for both and it’s worked well. The only thing I’ve added AS to was Imox but then again I’ve also used only crop oil and once I used no additive and it worked each time.

From: goyt
Pat, thanks.

From: DanaC
Hey, another spam fairy. Hand me the fly swatter ;-)

From: goyt
I sprayed with just Clethodum 2E with crop oil and then followed up with Butyrac 200 when the broad weeds showed up. It is like a miracle when the grasses and broadweeds disappeared and clover that I could not even see showed up. Cameras showed that the herbicides stopped the deer for a few days which also helped the clover and BFT grow. Very pleased with the result. Of course I would not want to put my plots up against Pat!

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