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DIY Alaska other than GMU 18
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Carolina Counsel 21-Jul-22
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Beendare 22-Jul-22
I am in the beginning stages of exploring a DIY moose hunt in Alaska. It appears that several of the main transporters, namely Renfro and Papa Bear, fly into similar areas in GMU 18. My understanding of the area is that it’s not particularly scenic with the classic white river valleys one might envision. Can anyone make a recommendation for a transporter that services quality areas that might fit the more scenic scenario. Of course the main objective is to take a nice moose, but I sure would like to have my cake and eat it too. Thanks I’m advance. Trey

From: thedude
Scenic or successful. Pick one. Go to 18 if you want the latter.

Pretty much any air taxi will have moose spots. Give them a call and find one you like.

Many are half the price of the ones you mentioned, but also half the success rate….

From: South Farm

From: Beendare
It seems to me the Transporters and guides all have their spots where they can land a plane. Many won’t go to another transporters spot.

They also know that they can get a lot more $$$ if they offer you a package deal over just paying for flight time- I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that- you are paying for their knowledge of the area, makes sense. If you find an area on GE, you might not be able to find a guy to drop you in there because its somebodies spot.

Also know there are some areas where you see those bulls from the air and they can drop you in on them- thats why same day hunting and flying is illegal. Those bulls will hold pretty tight sometimes.

IMO, its best to find a legit transporter first….and trust their knowledge unless you are an AK resident with knowledge of these areas.

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