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Winter rye price.
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Finnman 25-Jul-22
Bow Crazy 26-Jul-22
KHNC 26-Jul-22
KHNC 09-Aug-22
Finnman 09-Aug-22
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Whitetail Xtreme 09-Aug-22
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Scott/IL 10-Aug-22
From: Finnman
Just curious what the price is in your area. Checked a few places today and average is around 27 bucks for a 56 lb bag. I was hoping to put in 15 acres but not sure now.

From: Bow Crazy
$19.60 for a 40 lb bag here in Wisconsin. Right now, they are sold out. BC

From: KHNC
Damn, it was 8.00 for 50lb here in NC 3 years ago. Crazy how much it has jumped.

$11 for a 50lb bag at the feed store. 2022 seed will be available until mid August when it is harvested.

From: KHNC
Bought 100lbs today of Rye Grain. 53.00 plus tax. 17-17-17 32.50 per 50lbs - 250lbs Buck Forage Oats 41.50 per 50lbs- 200lbs Expensive stop just to feed some deers.

Plan to plant mid sept in South Carolina

From: Finnman
I ended up buying what I needed pretty much straight out of the combine. 10 dollars a bushel. Been in the ground for a week and coming up pretty good. Need rain though.

From: t-roy
$14–$16 for a 50lb bag here.

From: dnovo
I just bought 3# of clover seed and a 50# bag of rye. $28

Crazy what the prices are for fall food plots. I normally plant around 10 acres on one farm and 8 on another here in Georgia. Priced several items this week at our local feed and seed store. Ton price on triple 13 was $980.00 and triple 17 was $1,140.00 . Certified wheat was $720.00 per ton (40 - 50lb bags). Daikon Radish $112.00 per 50. Durana clover is $149.50 per 25lb bag. Crimson clover $80.00 per 50. Plot spike oats 31.95 per 50lb bag. Coker oats 227 is $32.00 per 50. Trophy Radish are running 30.00 per 4lb bag. Made a deal today for 66 (50lb bags) of feed wheat for $750.00 (12.00) per 50. . Pennington blend rack master is $39.00 per 50. Lime is running $65.00 per ton for an 8 ton truck spread plus delivery fee. Ton price spread on triple 17 is around 880.00 per ton with 2 ton minimum plus delivery fee. Just an idea for others at what I’m looking at here. Gonna be expensive to plant this year but it is what it is.

From: BullBuster
$22 for rye 50 lbs. $9 last year in eastern Washington

From: KHNC
Not sure if its worth mentioning, the Rye I bought was Wren's Abruzzi 50lb bag. Just did online search and im seeing it listed for 77.00 per 50lb plus shipping! who buys that stuff at that price?

From: kstout
Just bought a 50lb bag for $12 at Big Rapids Farm and Garden, here in Michigan.

From: Scott/IL
$23 for 50# here in Illinois. A little up from last year, as was everything else I bought for the plots.

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