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$25 million dollar racism
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From: 70lbDraw

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Really?…This is how children suffer when a Sesame Street character doesn’t hug them?!

“The lawsuit claims that the plaintiffs suffered damage to their civil rights, economic damages and have or will incur non-economic damages including "humiliation, embarrassment, mental anguish, psychological stress, depression, anxiety, loss of self-respect, post-traumatic stress, damage to their physical health, and loss of life and/or professional opportunities." “

Of course if he did hug them, we’d have to consider the possibility of suing him for touching children.

This woke stupidity needs to stop;…oh wait…we voted for it cuz America is in desperate need of breeding a new generation of PUSSIES!

From: RIT
This will help me be a better bow hunter in 2022.

From: ahunter76
I see brawls at Disneyland in the news on a regular basis.. It's becoming more common than in the local bar. 1 was a family & they even knocked Grand Ma to the ground & no one helped her. Another was over getting "BACK" in line. A real reason to knock the chit out of a stranger.. This is OK but don't support the cop protecting their sorry arses.

From: Griz
If I was the Board for Sesame Place I would spite them all by closing the place and selling the land to developers. Who needs this type of bs. I heard the yound lady in the costume is devastated by the accusations. There is more to this than has been showed on the local woke news channels here in Philly news. Hopefully it comes out. Meanwhile, another adult looking for a big payday, while teaching their children to ALWAYS play the victim. Typical behavior in every liberal city in the US.

From: spike78
Reading the news everyday people are getting shot at drive through windows over stupid food arguments. Not sure what’s going on in this world but damn it’s getting crazy. The P365xl goes with me everyday.

From: DanaC
“A dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than is a riot.”

? Robert A. Heinlein, Friday

From: RK
Way to dramatic Boys

Is what it is and it will all make the turn back to normal soon.

Liberals and their ilk will be cast by the wayside

From: TGbow
We live in a gimmie gimmie, whinney, woke society.

From: Hancock West
liberal without a doubt.

From: beemann

beemann's embedded Photo
beemann's embedded Photo
Man some of you guys have to much drama in the old brain box.... Turn it off... Shoot some arrows....

From: scentman
beemann, for the win!

How long have we been listening about the Clinton's, Hunter Biden? Shut it off, split some wood, hang laundry with the wife, chat nice things.

From: BC173
^^^^ what beeman said!!

You can get on any Public forum and complain all you want, and if you think those bastards in DC. care what you think, you’re sadly mistaking. And, that my friends is the problem in a nutshell. They wield the power and we are the peons. Both parties are a bunch of lying bastidges, it just so happens that the lies the Republicans spew fits my way of thinking more so than the Democrats.

From: Bowfreak
Great advice guys.... Just turn it off and it will go away. We started out laughing at debauchery of the left for 60+ years and ignored their fringe radicals. Now their belief is mainstream. Just turn it off, nothing to see here.

From: Bou'bound
man's expectation of man is way too high.

From: Ollie
What does this have to do with bow hunting?

From: Will tell
Sounds like some of you fellas need a hug.

No loss if Disney gets their woke butts sued out of existence

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