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Broadheads & Field Points VS Metal Sign
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Iron Will broadheads are engineered for maximum reliability on once-in-a-lifetime hunts. Our field points are designed for foam.

We want to be upfront about that. Road signs are not a target species. Neither is ballistic gel, cinder block, or plywood.

The best way to test broadhead performance is on actual warm hide, bone and muscle. This provides real data that leads to actionable results that can improve performance.

That said, Bill's been on vacation. So we bought a road sign and had some fun with an Iron Will Field Point, Single Bevel broadhead with bleeders, Double Bevel broadhead with bleeders, and a Buff broadhead (double bevel without bleeders).

Front of Arrow: 25gr. Impact Collar and 25 gr. Iron Will HIT Insert. Metal Road Sign Depth: .080in. Shot Distance: ~15 Yards (We didn't actually measure this. Marketing did this test, not Bill). Bow Draw Weight: 70lb.


From: Buffalo1
Was it a "Stop" sign ?

From: Shawn
Watch "The Element" You Tube video on broadhead, shot a ton of them at steel plate. There are 4 or 4 that stand out!! Shawn

From: APauls
Iron Will's are impressive, tough heads. But I have no idea why you'd shoot them through a road sign, because a chinadermic can do that. Slightly more difficult than getting a pass through on a grouse.

From: Bou'bound
what was the standard deviation of the penetration depth? A shot or two is helpful but before any hard conclusions can be drawn we need to make sure the test was conducted under stringent controls and protocol.

From: Dale06
I’ve shot IWs for several years with great success. And I’ll use them on elk and deer this fall. But I get no benefit or useful data from watching the shooting of BHs through sheet metal, or concrete blocks.

From: greg simon
Come on people!!! What if you are road hunting and when you hit that big buck with the spotlight his vitals are obscured by a road sign. Is your broadhead going to have what it takes to penetrate the sign and kill the deer? Do these work on crossbows? (Asking for a friend)

From: LINK
Guys give them a break. Bill was gone, they are in marketing for a reason. ;) Well on second thought..

From: RonP
i shot my mail box, once. it was dare, a few beers may or may not have been consumed, and a beauty of a shot with a recurve.

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