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Brooks Range sheep closed?
Wild Sheep
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huntinelk 30-Jul-22
kscowboy 30-Jul-22
Ambush 30-Jul-22
jjs 30-Jul-22
Pete In Fairbanks 31-Jul-22
DL 01-Aug-22
Tilzbow 01-Aug-22
Lone Bugle 01-Aug-22
TEmbry 02-Aug-22
Jim McNamara 02-Aug-22
From: huntinelk

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From: kscowboy
Response from one of my Alaskan guide friends:

“It’s actually not based on science at all and is a liberal power grab. That area has one of the healthiest populations. They shut down caribou too, sad deal I was actually going to go in on that hunt this year.”

From: Ambush

Does that guy also advise BC wildlife (miss) management officials.

From: jjs
Reminds me of the Covid shut down on bad science. Haven't been in the area for sometime, but if the recommendation is from the road I wouldn't give it much credence.

I'd be interested to hear from all the "purists" on Bowsite who supported Federal control of public lands as opposed to state. THIS is the result of that dichotomy in AK.


From: DL

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From: Tilzbow
Managing land and wildlife aren’t one and the same. I’m pretty sure the subsistence board is overstepping their authority. Since 2005, the Federal Govt isn’t legally able to manage wildlife within states except in exceptional cases such as endangered species and a few other defined instances. Most times wildlife management is under state authority regardless of whether the animals reside on state or federal land. I’ve heard the state of Alaska is suing over the caribou closure on this basis and has a pretty good chance to get that and this closure overturned. That said I can’t find the detailed law so there might be a loophole I’m not aware of.

From: Lone Bugle
Just lay down and take it. The liberals are winning everywhere...

From: TEmbry
There’s no winning Pete. There are clear cut examples of states selling off land to make budgets work and once it’s gone it’s gone forever.

Im one who supports federal ownership of public lands but states having 100% control over animal management (the way it seemingly works everywhere besides Alaska).

I do wish they didn’t partition off seemingly half of this damn state into national parks instead of preserves.

From: Jim McNamara
The term " death by a thousand cuts" comes to mind.

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