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What does 2-4-d kill?
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JusPassin 05-Aug-22
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Scoot 09-Aug-22
I know that 2-4-d can stay active in the soil for 7-20 days after spraying. I'm hoping to spray and then seed later with brassica, forage oats, spring peas and red clover. I know that the red clover and spring peas need to wait 14 days after. Do the brassicas and oats need to wait as well or can they be seeded 24 hours after spraying?

From: Pat Lefemine
Check the label, some plants are more sensitive to the residual.

From: JL
Does it kill weed seeds?

From: t-roy
Oats are a grass, so you will be fine. Brassicas are a broadleaf and 2,4-D will kill them.

JL……It doesn’t kill the weed seeds themselves, but kills the broadleaf plant once it sprouts and takes in the herbicide.

From: JusPassin
One of our oldest herbicides. It was invented by Dow Chemical back in the 1940's. Has little affect on grasses.

From: BullBuster
Careful with 24D if it’s hot out. It vaporizes and air drifts. I’ve killed a small fruit orchard and other small trees from this.

From: t-roy

t-roy's embedded Photo
t-roy's embedded Photo
Here is my wife’s sprayer that she uses in the yard. She can never remember what it’s called, so she calls it R2D2!

From: Catscratch

From: Franzen
Based on your application, it may be wise to consider an ester variety. Having said that, you need to be extra careful with regard to esters when there are sensitive plants nearby. Only you can know your intended application. Read up on amines vs. ester for more information.

From: Scoot
T, I've always had better luck with C3PO.

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