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From: APauls
What is Kuiu shipping like in the States? Just curious. I don't know how far and wide they've had to look to find whoever ships their products, but I do believe I could ship something out of the jungles of Suriname and then back again before a Kuiu order would hit my door. I've ordered spearguns from Spain that hit my door in 2.5 days and yet Kuiu always takes like a month. Got an email saying the package is in the country. Yet it should take another 16 days to get here lol. They throw it on the back of a goat? lol. Not a huge issue, it's just funny in todays world.

From: Tilzbow
I get consistently my orders in three days or less.

From: TurboT
Same as Tilzbow.

From: JTreeman
I’m in the middle. I would say 3-5 days is average.


From: Bake
You don't need Kuiu anyways. Expensive stuff for fanboys and non-hunters. I only hunt in clothes I buy at good will. You only need Kuiu to show off. My entire hunting wardrobe only cost me $0.75.

(I just wanted to be the first to post something derogatory and totally off topic about nice hunting clothes)

From: Will
They are in CA I believe. I think the longest something has taken to get to me from them is about 7 days. Weirdly that was after the season a few years ago. Ordered a new hat during turkey season this year on a Monday or Tuesday morning when I sat down to my desk and had it by Friday.

Bake, you almost had me. That was hilarious man!

From: Bake
For the record, they're usually pretty quick. 3-5 days. Treeman is a Platinum member though, they probably ship his overnight for free :)

From: No Mercy
APauls I am guessing with you being in Canada-customs is a big delay.

From: hdaman
West coast to east coast in 3-5 days for us. Never had an issue with Kuiu.

From: pav
I live in Indiana. Placed a KUIU order last Wednesday (7/27). Tracking says my order is currently in Indiana and will be delivered tomorrow (8/3) exactly a week if accurate.

From: molsonarcher
Mine usually take over a week. Im in Ohio, and my last order was 8 days.

I'm in Iowa. Typically 3-5 days as well.

From: midwest
Treeman keeps depleting the stock. You must wear the same size, Adam.

From: DanaC
Providing a tracking number and actually placing it on an outgoing truck are two different things. I've ordered stuff and the shipper provided the tracking number the same day, but tracking the package shows it didn't leave the shop for three days. Depending on location the carrier might not get it very fast. (Or the shipper hasn't gotten around to bringing it to the post office or shipping depot.)

From: spike78
I think the problem is that all packages go to the Trudeau compound and he goes through all of them to either take them or make sure they are good for your safety.

Order it and have it sent to my house. I'll bring it up to you during mule deer season. Where are we hunting?

From: butcherboy
Ordered some on 7/29. It’s arriving tomorrow 8/3.

From: APauls
lmao you guys are awesome. Tracking said it was in country already. Estimating 16 days from now. Maybe customs has a mandatory hold on it for 2 weeks to kill the Us version of Coronavirus that our government is so deadly scared of.

But some good points, I should totally raid Treeman's closet next time he comes through on a globetrotting mission. Does he haul a UHaul behind him with clothing?

From: t-roy
I’ve been encouraging Jim to put on a little weight.

Delivery times for me are pretty much in line with most of the above.

From: walleyes
My Canadian orders have alway came in about 10 days. Haven’t ordered anything in the last year. I must be due. Haha

From: Knifeman
3 to 5 days to WI

From: Buffalo1
3-5 days to MS.

Can get golf clubs from Scotland in about 3 days- go figure !

From: nchunter
I ordered parts for a lawnmower that sat in a Miami USPS distribution center for over a week before they continued on their way.

From: Whatthefoc
I ordered some stuff from Sirius a couple weeks ago. Shipping was prepaid, contents worth about $250.

UPS charges were $40. I paid when I picked the pkg up in town. Yesterday I got another bill from UPS for $90!! - $60 ‘entry prep fee’ - another $20 in gst - bond fee, online fee I hope your Kuiu purchase doesn’t come thru UPS.

Always 3 to 5 days for me as well. Never had an issue buying from them.

Haha, I totally get what you mean! It's funny how shipping can sometimes be so unpredictable. I've had experiences where packages from far-flung places arrive faster than ones from closer locations. It's like they're taking the scenic route or hitching a ride with a goat!! But hey... at least you have a good sense of humor about it. If you're interested, you might want to check out this link on custom shipping options: It's always interesting to explore different shipping methods and see if there are any alternatives out there.

From: Matt
APauls is obviously on some sort of government list so his purchases go to package jail for 10 days before being delivered.

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